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Are you ready
to take your
business to
the next level?

Rock Star Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency helping small businesses expand their brand, reach new customers, and help increase revenue.

Are you ready
to take your
business to
the next level?

Rock Star Marketing is a
full-service digital marketing
agency helping small
businesses expand their brand,
reach new customers, and
help increase revenue.

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Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We drive attention and awareness to businesses through storytelling in blogs, social media channels, websites, video marketing, and even through Standard Operating Procedures for internal marketing!

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We drive attention and awareness to businesses through storytelling in blogs, social media channels, websites, video marketing, and even through Standard Operating Procedures for internal marketing!


Our marketing strategists will share your unique story with the world through social media marketing, graphic design, SEO content, graphic design, paid social media ads, and blogs.

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Search Engine Optimized content is designed to make your business website more appealing to search engines and your target audience no matter the industry you are in. 


We get to learn about your company so we can understand and write comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures that help with your internal marketing but also have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

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At Rock Star Marketing, we believe in relationships before transactions. Podcasting is an incredible way to take your small business to the next level, reaching a wider audience and cementing you as an authority on your subject matter.


The use of video marketing with Social Media Advertising allows you to get your message noticed and reach specifically targeted customers who are most likely to be receptive to your business. From Facebook to YouTube and Google, we run campaigns for your business.

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website design


We specialize in building WordPress websites. From design to development, we can help build your business website, complete with hosting and CRM solutions.


Our leading philosophy at Rock Star Marketing is that we value relationships over transactions. With that being said, we are an affordable marketing agency that creates custom packages tailored to your needs and budget (to match our custom content, of course!). We know that marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all, and your bottom line is important to us. Let’s chat about your goals, fiscal resources, and how we can get you to your next million dollars in annual revenue!

There are a multitude of factors that will affect the timeline of your results, but the most important factor is how soon you start. The sooner you build your digital footprint, the faster you’ll see results. Because we have a wrap-around approach to marketing, which includes your employees and your clients, you’ll start noticing results right away. Marketing is a long game, and most of our clients report seeing remarkable results after 6 months. We’d love to discuss what this time frame might look like for your specific business, so please reach out for a complimentary Discovery Session!

We’ll do whatever we need to do to best fit into your business! We have skilled website builders ready to tell your story through SEO and custom designed graphics, but are also more than happy to collaborate with your current website provider. You are our number one priority so rest assured that if need be, we will find another place to fit at your table. Contact us if you want more info on exactly how we can work with your current partners.

Yes! We encourage our clients to add posts to your social media in the meantime to strengthen your voice in the community, whether that means an occasional birthday post or a picture of your shop when you take just the right photo. We are your “Steady Freddies”, always in the background consistently posting using our tried-and-true Social Media formula. The combined efforts of our team and your team makes for richer content on all your platforms! Give us a call or sign up for a free discovery session to see what this might look like for your business.

We are so proud of the SEO interview process and can’t wait for you to experience it! This interview, which marks the start of your official Rock Star status, is when we become your personal cheerleaders. This is where we translate your vision, voice, and message into revenue and website-traffic. We will ask questions about your story, your why, and all the things that make your business unique. It serves as a reminder to you and your team that what you have is special, and that your story needs to be told! We learn all about YOU so we can tell your story in such a heartfelt, authentic way that your people can’t help but want to work with you. After our interview, our team gets to work writing up to 90 pages of SEO content that will help attract your tribe! Reach out if you’re ready to schedule yours.

Rock Star Marketing doesn’t do cookie cutter content, and we don’t do cookie cutter packages for our clients, either! So, the shower answer is: sure! Take what you need from our team and leave what you don’t. We are always open to expanding your platforms and making your business stand out even more against the crowd, but are more than willing to take things one step at a time if that’s what your business needs. Request a Discovery Session to begin the conversation.

Though you probably rarely think about it, the owner’s manual to your car is a piece of essential literature you shouldn’t leave home without. Think of SOP’s as the owner’s manual to your business: it’s the explanations, the why’s, the how’s, and the when’s of your Standard Operating Procedures. Having a set of fully developed and highly intentional SOP’s is your business blueprint. With a great set of SOPs, you can slowly remove yourself from daily operations and essentially create copies of yourself, so your employee’s always have the answers they need at their fingertips. It sets you and your employee’s up for success!

Internal marketing is the marketing happening within your business, from your stakeholders to your employee’s. At Rock Star Marketing, we celebrate the benefits and possibilities that come from a great internal marketing plan. Are you developing your relationships internally so they can shine externally? If not, let’s talk about how we can work together to increase your employee buy-in, which will ultimately increase your revenue! Take action with a complimentary Discovery Session.

The answer is: a lot! In fact, we are constantly adding new services to our menu because we’re paying attention to market trends, shifting statistics, and changing guidelines for SEO. Our approach to this ever-changing field goes beyond just keeping a lookout, too. Rock Star Marking is an industry leader in marketing and our team teaches all we’ve learned along the way at conferences and events. This is because our team of highly creative individuals is always absorbing the facts while thinking outside-of-the-box for their clients. Got questions? Contact us.

Yes! Our CEO and OG Rock Star Jennifer Filzen can’t be kept out of the classroom. She teaches at summits, training conferences, and will even do one-on-one training with your business. She has dozens of classes in her repertoire, or she can come up with a topic to serve your business needs. At Rock Star Marketing, our formula isn’t a secret. We have an abundance mentality, and that’s why we have no problem sharing what we do and how we do it. Not everyone has the time, energy, or desire to put in the amount of effort our team does into marketing your business, and that’s okay! That’s why our squad of Rock Stars is ready to make your business shine, and Jen is always available for education and training. Contact her to discuss.

What's Your Social Media Score?

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Want to know how you score on using Social Media to promote your business? Of course you do! Take our quiz to receive your Social Media Score along with some expert tips for growing your social presence.

What's Your SEO Score?

Search Engine Optimized Content is designed to make your business website more appealing to search engines and your target audience. When you complete the quiz and submit the form, you will receive your custom SEO Score along with some expert tips for Search Engine Optimized content and website performance.

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What Results Can Small Businesses Expect from Rock Star Marketing?


Rock Star Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Monterey, California! As a result of our marketing efforts, my agency helps small businesses reach their next million dollars in revenue. We do this by sharing their story in such a heartfelt way that their ideal clients, their Tribe, cannot help but want to work with them. We do this through storytelling in their blogs, social media channels, website, video marketing, and even in their Standard Operating Procedures for internal marketing! 

It’s all about sharing stories within your community that resonate with your Tribe. Rock Star Marketing is the category king of storytelling in the industries we serve, like auto repair, construction, legal services, medspas, and business coaching.

Why is Storytelling for Small Businesses So Critical?

Your business is special and unique, and you have products and services that can make life so much better for your clients. But, they have a hard time picking you out from the crowd because you look the same as all of your competitors. Therefore, you need to tell your story in a unique, heartfelt way that your ideal clients cannot help but want to work with you because your “why” and what makes you unique resonates with your Tribe. 

Your entire business thrives when you share your story throughout your internal and external marketing! That is why you should work with Rock Star Marketing. We will share your story with your ideal clients and community through digital content and your internal crew through the storytelling of your Standard Operating Procedures.

As Jennifer Filzen, the owner of Rock Star Marketing, says: “be who you are, and you will find your Tribe….” Through our marketing services, we will help you find your Tribe. By listening to your story, we will identify what makes your operation so special and unique, ultimately creating the brand and personality of your business.

How Important is Content Marketing to Your Small Business?

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As a digital marketing agency in Monterey, CA, our marketing strategists strive to reawaken your passion while putting your business in the limelight. Our Rock Star Marketing Squad is a team of creatives: SEO Content Writers, Social Media Marketers, Blog Writers, Graphic Designers, Website Designers, Podcasters, and Standard Operating Procedure Masterminds. We genuinely love what we do and seek to share your unique story with the world through blogs, social media marketing, graphic design, and videos. With Rock Star Marketing on your side, your Tribe will find you. 

At Rock Star Marketing, we take the time to listen to our clients, hear your unique story, and share it with the world. As a small business owner, you are the personality of your business. The story that you tell becomes your brand, which sets you apart from the rest. You become more than just a small business. We connect you with your Tribe. As a result, your uniqueness shines as you develop a loyal fanbase around your brand.

We'll help you stand out from the crowd and find your target audience.

Act now so we can discuss your custom Social Media Marketing Plan and Lead Acquisition Strategy.