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Connecting with Jennifer Filzen

Would You Like To Be Featured On Jen’s Show?

Connecting with Jennifer Filzen is a heartfelt interview discussing your why, what makes you unique, who you serve in your life, and advice you want to share. I would love to interview you and it’s great publicity for your business.

If you know Jennifer Filzen, you know she loves people!

As the founder of Rock Star Marketing, Jen’s secret superpower is her ability to go deep with clients and ask great questions that help them share what makes them special and unique.

When COVID lockdowns began in March 2020, it wasn’t long that Jen, the social extrovert that she is, needed more human interaction. So, her show, Connecting with Jennifer Filzen, was born! 

With 35+ episodes and growing, Jen is interviewing all kinds of interesting people.

Some are authors and business owners. Others are leaders in their field and regular folks, too. The Connecting with Jennifer Filzen show aims to connect in a heartfelt way over a video call and a warm beverage. Pretty simple, huh? 

But here is the magic of the Connecting with Jennifer Filzen show: It reflects the structure we use in our SEO Interviews. 

Yes, that’s right! Even though these people are not our marketing clients, we ask them the same deep questions we’ve been asking business owners since 2009, but with a different angle.

The questions we ask should not be a surprise to our existing customers. Here are the four questions Jen asks the guests on her show:

  1. What makes you special and unique?
  2. Who do you serve in your life?
  3. What is your “why”?
  4. What advice do you have for the audience members?

Sound familiar? It should! When we do an SEO Interview with our marketing clients, it’s a bit more detailed, but we ask the following:

  1. What makes you special and unique?
  2. What is your “why”?
  3. Who is your target demographic?
  4. What cities do you want to target?
  5. What keywords are essential to your business?

Isn’t that cool? Jen has a ball with it, and it’s been her favorite pet project throughout the pandemic era. Not bad for a gal who loves people, right? 🙂

If you would like to be a guest on the Connecting with Jennifer Filzen show, Jen would love to get you on her interview calendar. Each episode is recorded on Mondays at 5:00 PM Pacific via GoToMeeting. 

This show doesn’t cost you anything, it’s a great way to promote the cool stuff you’re up to, and it’s fun. For marketing your business, it’s great publicity! 

Are you interested in getting on Jen’s schedule? If yes, let’s do it!!! 

All you have to do is request a Discovery Session and let Jen know that you’d like to be interviewed on her show in the comments. It really is that simple. 

If you don’t want to be on the Connecting with Jennifer Filzen show, but you’d like some help with your marketing efforts, you can fill out the Discovery Session form and let the Rock Star Marketing Squad know what questions you have. Jen or someone from our Squad will reach out to you with a free consultation call. Again, it’s that simple. 🙂

Call Rock Star Marketing at (408) 833-9868 or contact us using the button below.