Converting Print Documents to PDF

document to PDF conversion

Converting documents into PDF (portable document format) can be an important aspect of your business to aid in communicating effectively with your audience. While your website should contain all the essential information any potential client could need about you, there are instances when a standalone digital document could serve as an alternative in providing additional or exclusive content.

converting_documents_to_PDFThe “Portable Document Format” (PDF) was developed in the 1990s by Adobe. A PDF file is a document that can be opened and viewed independently of the original software or program that created the source file. Let’s say someone wanted to share a Word document with a second party, but the second party did not own a copy of Microsoft Word. The Word document could be turned into a PDF, maintaining fonts, images, and formatting.

In most cases, all that is needed to view a PDF file is a PDF reader application. Most devices today already come with a PDF reader installed. Because of this, the PDF format is still a viable way to share documents digitally and online for immediate consumption.

A PDF file can be created from almost any type of document. That document can be anything from a corporate brochure, a novel, a comic book, or an application form. In some cases, a straight conversion can be made easily. In other cases, the original document may need to be either modified or entirely recreated to take advantage of PDF format.

An advantage of a PDF file is that since it is digital, it can incorporate facets of the digital medium that many are already accustomed to. In addition to flat text and images/graphics, various interactive elements can be included, such as: 

  • Hyperlinks can be added to the text of a PDF document. 
  • Video can be embedded in a PDF. 
  • Form fields can be added to a PDF. 
  • To add a layer of value to a PDF document, they can be made secure when you set a password to open and view the PDF.
  • They can be used as a free giveaway (like a checklist or a helpful source of info) that you can use for your lead generation funnels.

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