Custom illustration by Rock Star Marketing

Sometimes Original Artwork Is The Only Way To Go

There are many online resources where artwork can be found and downloaded with a few clicks of the mouse or finger taps on some type of mobile device. There is nothing wrong with using stock assets like photos or graphics. Stock photos or graphics have their place and can indeed save time and energy. However, there are instances where original artwork is the only way to go.

When choosing to use custom artwork, it’s usually due to very specific creative requirements that can only be achieved through commissioning original artwork. Original artwork can be anything from logos to sketches and drawings, or full-color illustrations and even three-dimensional art for that matter.

Custom Artwork Can Be Tailored To Match Your Brand

By far the greatest benefit to choosing custom artwork is that it can be designed and executed to be much more brand-specific than any stock asset. Custom artwork does require collaboration between client and artist/designer to ensure the best results and achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, consistent and clear communication/expectations between client and artist is the key to success.

The impact of original artwork cannot be understated. In the example below, the client (Airport Automotive) utilized a very creative approach to explaining a concept through a series of illustrated, comic book style drawings. The result was a unique brochure design that helped to tell a story not only through words but through a series of original art.

Hand drawn artwork brochure design front
Art direction, illustration, and graphic design by Rock Star Marketing. Concept and story by Airport Automotive.
Hand drawn artwork brochure design back
Art direction, illustration, and graphic design by Rock Star Marketing. Concept and story by Airport Automotive.

Rock Star Marketing Holiday Card Featuring Custom Illustration

The Rock Star Marketing Holiday Card is an example of utilizing custom illustration. Rock Star Marketing is based in Monterey, California. Although we serve clients all across the country, we were excited to create an original holiday card to send out to our clients. This was so we could thank them for their business as well as wish them a happy holiday season. To create this piece, we leaned on our surroundings: the beautiful Monterey Bay and a sea animal that is synonymous with the area: sea otters. 

custom_artwork_design_Rock_Star_MarketingThe project and concept were spear-headed by Rock Star Marketing’s Media Division Rene Arreola. Rene is a print industry veteran having worked in commercial printing as a digital prepress manager and graphic artist for 20 years. In addition to that, Rene is also an artist who has created artwork in pencil, ink, and paints (oils, watercolors, acrylics) as well as in digital mediums. 

The Otters Holiday Card artwork was created entirely in a digital format. Rene worked using the application Procreate on an iPad Pro to create the digital illustrations. Everything from the initial sketches to the final color renderings was done digitally. The main advantage of working digitally is the relative ease with how changes can be made. The final artwork was then composed using Adobe InDesign to layout the final artwork. From there, the final artwork was sent to the printer for commercial printing.

otters_holiday_card_Rock_Star_Marketing otters_holiday_card_Rock_Star_Marketing

Creating original custom artwork comes in many different forms: logos, ads, brochures, and illustrations. At Rock Star Marketing we can help you create original, custom artwork for almost any project you can think of. Our Media Division not only works with digital media, but we can also create custom artwork and illustrations just like the work shown above. Contact us today so we can collaborate on your next project.

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