There has never been a better time to create your content for social media. It is easier than ever to create engaging content for sharing online. From business owners to solopreneurs, the tools needed to record a message about a business or connect with an audience are at your disposal. In most cases, if you own a smartphone, then you are already there! But, if you want to add some polish, you may want to consider including some do-it-yourself accessories to your hand-held smartphone.

At Rock Star Marketing, we make use of such accessories. From capturing audio and lighting, we find it essential to have the proper accessories that will help facilitate a consistent and clear message when delivered with video and audio. Consumers of our content will have a better chance of engaging when the production of our content is generally pleasing to watch and listen.

In most cases, all of these accessories can be stored at your home and are easily transportable. Here is a run-down of some accessories we like for a DIY approach to creating content for social media. Disclosure: Rock Star Marketing is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Selfie Stick

Yoozon_selfie_stick_tripod_There are times when using your hands to record yourself or your subject is all you have at any given time. However, if you ever plan to record and edit yourself in a more staged setting, the use of a selfie stick with a tripod is a must. In addition to steadying your recording device to stabilize the video, you will find it easier to have your camera detached from yourself as you begin the first of several takes. It also has a Bluetooth remote control device that makes it even easier to record.

The selfie stick we like to use for desktop recording also has a tripod base. Similarly, a larger tripod might be more what you need. Both have their uses and are valuable in our accessories toolbox.

Green Screen Background


Green screens are used to help separate a foreground element (such as a person speaking) from the background. For online meetings via Zoom and similar applications, we are using the  Webaround. It is a circular green screen that attaches to the back of a chair. There are many variations of this concept, from tarps hung from tripods to wall-mounted green screens.

Tripod, Grip, and Boom Arm


To attach your smartphone, there are a number of tripod grip tight mounts, and boom arm accessories in the marketplace. Ones similar to those shown here will help expand upon your needs should you need to position your recording device at a different angle or even overhead. Accessories like these are perfect for those wanting to record themselves from overhead, such as a cook making a meal or an artist working on a drawing.


Linco-desktop-lampsLighting plays a critical role in how a video is presented. We own and use several lighting kits designed for various scenarios. A simple ring light that can attach to our iPhones works perfectly when doing a selfie recording that is at no more than arm’s length. For a video that will have the camera more than an arm’s length away, we like to use table top lamps.

For even more options for lighting and even a backdrop setting, we like to use a photo backdrop stand kit

Click this photo to see what’s inside!


pop_voice_lavalier_microphoneThe sound is equally, if not more important, than the visuals in a video. A great addition to your smartphone is a dedicated microphone.

A nice looking video is not nearly as engaging if the sound is horrible! Take into consideration the clarity you want to deliver in your message to complement to visuals.

These are but just a few accessories to utilize in conjunction with our smartphone devices. While not all of these accessories are needed all of the time, we have found that having at least these basic tools on hand gives us more options when we produce video/audio content.
You’re already working hard to optimize your brand and message. Adding these accessories to your DIY video productions can help take your content to the next level. Refining the presentation of our content is an ongoing process, but a necessary one. Doing so can help us to create online content that appeals to as broad an audience as possible.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: Rock Star Marketing is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

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