Education = LUCK

How your education in Location, Understanding, Connections, and Knowledge all grow the more you learn about business and marketing.

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Would you like to improve your marketing skills and help your business thrive? If so, then join us in a discussion about LUCK. Location, Understanding, Connections, and Knowledge are the formulas for success and growth in your business, and we at Rock Star Marketing want to be your guide! 

It is crucial to stay focused on your business’s growth and be aware of ways to improve and benefit your company. Follow along for more information about LUCK and why you should learn about it and apply it to your own business.


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Why is location important? There are many reasons why location is essential such as accessibility, traffic, and visual attraction. Having accessibility to ensure everyone can visit your business should not be overlooked. A good location should have accessible parking, clear directions for entry/exits or even a focus on surrounding areas around your business. When it comes to traffic, you want to make sure your business is visible to everyone passing by and sends out clear signals about what your business is. However, you want your business to stand out but also have visual attraction. Outside curb appeal that is welcoming, clean, and friendly on the inside is an irresistible environment.


Having a sense of your community and how your business fits in. Understanding your target audience and the community you work in will improve decision-making affecting the location, pricing, and even your business’s operating hours.


A big part of a thriving business is having your name be the talk of the town. Start by building trust within the community and your clients. Leaving your clients satisfied and happy will ensure you create connections between your business and the community.

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There is always something to learn about your business and your profession. Either learning from experience or example, being open to new ideas and methods ensures growth and an increased ability to adapt to changing environments. As an example, one of the most significant changes affecting businesses and marketing is the introduction of social media and digital marketing. Having accessibility to millions of people on the Internet can increase your business’s reach and attraction.

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Your friends at Rock Star Marketing hope you consider LUCK on your journey to improve your business marketing for success and growth. We encourage you to attend our various events and marketing classes. Contact us for more information or any questions you may have. You can reach us at (408) 833-9868 or by clicking here to schedule a free discovery session. We hope to hear from you soon! 

 We can’t wait to help your business flourish and grow, thanks to a bit of LUCK!

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