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Do Your Employees Have The Freedom To Market For Your Business?

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Your employees are rock stars for your business, in more ways than one. They push forth your daily operations, make the dream possible, and work alongside you even as things get tough. You know that employee loyalty, happiness, and commitment are vital to how the business runs. But did you know employee buy-in can also affect your marketing?

Think about the last business you gave your time, money, or trust to. You may have heard your favorite team of podcasters recommend their services. Maybe you’ve seen their blogs shared on your timeline, and they had a social media post last week that your friend re-posted, and it made you laugh. Believe it or not, these methods are the digital age’s version of a word-of-mouth advertisement.

The Power of Word-Of-Mouth Recommendations and Your Employee’s

92% of people surveyed by Nielsen, the powerhouse market research firm, said they trust friends’ recommendations over advertising. This means that current customers telling their networks about your great work will do just as much as your TV advertisements or radio minutes. Your customers aren’t the only ones who can help spread the news of all your great services, either. A set of loyal employees is more likely to advertise your business to their friends, family, and social network.

Word-Of-Mouth in the Digital Age 

This isn’t to say that all your radio advertisements, commercials, or newspaper ads should stop running–it just means it may be time to get a little creative. You can consider adding:

  • Social Media Posts. A set of social media posts that display what makes your business special, unique, and
  • Blogs. You can showcase your expertise while informing your community about your work.
  • Video Marketing. Video marketing is a creative way to get a lot of information to your potential customers in a timely manner. 

Employees are one of the most valuable forms of a word-of-mouth recommendation because they’re more than familiar with the daily operations and behind the scenes of a business. We all know that in 2022 we’re in an employee-driven market, so an honest review from an employee means a lot to consumers! Potential customers are happy to hear from an employee that they’re treated well, they trust the business, and that they’d use these services themselves. A team that is proud of their work is excited to post pictures of what they’re doing, re-post the company’s blogs, and recommend their team to all the people they know. 

It’s not hard to connect A to B from this. Friends of friends, podcasters you trust, old college buddies on your timeline–all of these people are “recommending” a business to you by sharing, liking their posts, or advertising them on their social media. Then, once you’re looking for a business, the seed has been planted, and you already have someone in mind, you can ask for a recommendation.

You Can Trust Rock Star Marketing (Just Ask Our Employee’s!) 

At Rock Star Marketing, we want to help improve your employee buy-in and give your customer base a wide range of media that help recommend your services. Our employees are dedicated to getting your business to where it needs to be, and each of us is excited about the work we get to do. We provide social media marketing, graphic design, SEO content, graphic design, video ads, and blogs. If you want to know more about our services, you can click here. We also offer a free discovery session so we can match you with the best services that will benefit your business! 

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