Five Reasons Why Vision Boards Will Help You Reach Your Annual Goals

Vision board courtesy Christopher Hooker

Have you ever sat down to do a vision board? 

To the more cynical-minded among us, a vision board seems like child’s play, not to be taken seriously. Putting your ambitions down on a poster and scattering words around it can look like a children’s project for elementary school. To the casual observer, it represents a bunch of hopes and dreams on a page with nothing substantial to make those dreams come true.

But that’s EXACTLY why Vision Boards work: they tap into the unfettered creativity we had as children, with the focus and direction we now possess as adults to back our play. It’s like having the child version of you write your wishlist for Santa, and having the adult you develop the best strategies for getting the most out of your wishlist. Think of the massive successes we could have had if we had a better understanding of Santa’s budget, understood the importance of making our wishlist scale with our brothers and sisters, and focused on getting the things that will help us grow into who we want to be, and established a campaign of good behavior to stay on Santa’s Nice List for months!

If that doesn’t sell you on Vision Boards, here’s five reasons why they can help you reach your annual goals:

  1. Focus. With your company’s ‘wishlist’ so big, it’s challenging to know what it is your company needs. Our work usually confines our view to a small, fixed percentage of the work field. Planning out a path to success with others who can see some of the bigger picture you may be missing gives you greater insight into your process’s more vital steps.
  2. Establish your goals. Once a clear picture emerges of what’s essential to your business, a Vision Board lets you can see the plans you need to set to get to that point and lay those out.
  3. Motivate you towards your goals. Now that you have the goals your business needs in mind, you can (individually or as a team) set inspirations, competitions, and rivalries to achieve those goals in a positive, healthy manner.
  4. Visualizes your process to success. With all of this illustrated on your board, you envision the path to the success you want, identifying the strategies that get you there and motivating your team towards their end-goal.
  5. They’re fun and uplifting. Doing a Vision Board is like an arts and crafts project from elementary school, but that’s the genius of it. It taps a primal place and uses the familiar to inspire us to a level of success we might not have reached without focusing, identifying our goal, and motivating ourselves to victory!


Rock Star Marketing loves the Vision Board as a unifying, clarifying and electrifying tool for charting a course in our business. Have you used one before? If you’ve never really seen the point, but feel curious, we hope you’ll try again after reading our thoughts on the process! If you need assistance with marketing in the future, call on Rock Star Marketing to optimize your search engine efficiency, provide a full social media presence, and even write entertaining and engaging blogs in the voice of your company!

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