Holon Studios game art
The "Holon Studios" logo and artwork featured in this article is copyright Holon Studios.

An exciting new arena Rock Star Marketing has been involved with since the second half of 2019 has been video game content marketing and artwork creation. The diverse skills and talents of Rock Star Marketing has been involved with creating customized blog content, curated social media posts, and even original design and artwork for Holon Studios.

Holon Studios is a start-up company that specifically sought out Rock Star Marketing’s services to help promote the company online on social media. In addition to creating content to help Holon Studios’ online presence, we also utilized the skills of our in-house art department to create original concept art for Holon Studios’ upcoming game, Cinders of Hades.

Customized Blog Content for Video Games

At Rock Star Marketing, we have a range of content creators who grew up playing the original Pac-Man Atari games and other similar favorite home console games. When the opportunity to work with Holon Studios was presented to us, we were excited to say the least!

Because of the inherently fun nature of the subject matter, creating social media posts and blogs for video gaming content can be fun in and of itself. Because we are working with a company that is creating a video game for VR (virtual reality), we are now in a different realm of gaming compared to the original Atari games we grew up playing. Learning about how VR games work, how to play using an Oculus headset has been quite the eye-opener and a tremendous amount of fun.

Visit this link to view the blogs we have been creating on a monthly basis for Holon Studios: Holon Studios Official Blog

Original Digital Illustrations for Gaming Concept Art and Promotional Videos

Rock Star Marketing was able to assist in creating original digital illustrations for concept work as well as digital assets. Below are examples of concept art used to help promote Cinders of Hades online while the game goes through development. While the images and videos below are all concept art and may not exactly represent the final game art, it is vital to help create online awareness.

 Cinders of Hades wizard and dragons     Cinders of Hades behemoths     Cinders of Hades hell bugs

By showing previews of works in progress of character designs, sketches, paintings, and concepts, we can help promote Holon Studios brand name as well. In creating the various promotional art pieces, we are also attaching the Holon Studios logo and logo marks to further help create an online presence.


The promotional videos below feature time lapses of the concept and promotional artwork created for Holon Studios.

If you need custom artwork and/or video editing, Rock Star Marketing can assist you with projects similar to Holon Studios’ concept illustrations and promotional videos.

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