Give To Get = Stronger Relationships

Understanding the four currencies: Money, Time, Knowledge, and Relationships

When you Give To Get, you are building stronger relationships with everyone you touch. That’s a statement Jennifer Filzen writes about in her book, The Give To Get Principle. But let’s break it down a little by diving into the Four Currencies.

The four currencies: Money, Time, Knowledge, and Relationships.

Which of the four are most important? Relationships, hands down!

Money is a Transactional Currency

When you focus on money first, you are — without even knowing it — throwing out a vibe to your clients that you’re operating on a scarcity mentality. It’s the idea of having an even exchange. I’ll do this for you, but only if you pay me. While money is an important currency, it’s strictly transactional and does not deepen a relationship.

When you, instead, focus on relationships, those relationships will often bring you more money, more time, and more knowledge.

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Think about it. When you go above and beyond for someone, they feel special. They feel cared for, and they trust you. In turn, they will tell everyone how awesome you are because you did such an outstanding job of doing your best and showing up as a servant leader.

Relationship Building Creates Positive Energy

When you put relationships first, you give out positive energy. People know that when your priority is the relationship you’ve formed with them, they will be happy to reciprocate and tell their friends about you, spend more time with you, and offer up great advice that can help you grow further.

To add, when times are challenging, and you get sick, go broke, or are homeless, your relationships pull you through the rough stuff. For example, you can have lots of money, but poor health. The money isn’t going to hug you and tell you everything’s going to be okay. But your friends and those who care for you will be the emotional support system you need to make it through your health crisis. That is why relationships are super meaningful.

The Give To Get Principle

If you want to purchase Jennifer Filzen’s book, The Give To Get Principle, buy it on Amazon. The book shares success stories of the top small businesses in the United States and how they use the Give To Get Principle to build stronger relationships.

The Give to Get Principle by Jennifer Filzen
The Give to Get Principle by Jennifer Filzen

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