How Can You Turn Up The Heat To Boost Sales?

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Where Do You Go When the Well Runs Dry?

No matter what kind of business you have, sooner or later, things slow down. People stop coming in seasonally or situationally. They don’t need you the way they did in previous months, affecting your bottom line.

When the work begins to dry up, there’s much to consider. The first and most obvious question is: are you marketing to your clients? Do you have a solid, proven marketing team behind your business? Is it effective?

The Want/Need Line

In some cases, even the marketing can barely help. This is usually because the product or service you offer is above the want/need line. That’s the line between what your clients think is a luxury and what they believe is necessary. And sometimes, even essential work like auto maintenance becomes a Want in a poor economy. 

Your customers are cutting costs to save their own bottom line right now, and although they might like you, they don’t see your services as essential. You’re worried customers may have forgotten to manage that natural effect. The goal of marketing is to remind them gently that your products and services work to save them money in the long run.

Is a Bad Economy a Good Time to Divest from an Otherwise Excellent Marketing Team?

Never let go of marketing– your goal should always be to trade up. Letting go of your marketing team is like cutting loose your life raft to keep the ship afloat! A bear economy is a time when the best marketing is most needed. The opportunities are still there, but you must reach a little harder to find them– ‘turn the heat up’ to hear the sizzle, as they say.

Here are some ideas for turning up the heat:

Email Campaigns

Work out what customers need you most and remind them that you’re here to save them as much as cost them money. For an auto repair shop, that might look like reminding people to get mileage service if they haven’t in a long time or never have. For a contractor, it might look like reminding a homeowner that they need their house looking its absolute best before they can effectively sell it in a downturned market.

Focused SMO (Social Media Optimization)

If you can identify what services or products are selling, you might generate more sales by using social media advertising optimized to catch their attention. Remind your customers why they need you by focusing on how your work saves money and builds opportunities. For an auto shop, that might be talking about Preventive Maintenance. For a contractor, that might be talking about missed opportunities to sell a home due to unsightly damage left unattended.

Personal Touches

Just as SMO works to reach out to your client base, a slow sales period is only slow because you’re not using your downtime to your most significant advantage– the rapport you already have with customers! Get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Respond to comments and remind your customers that they like having your business around and saving money long-term. Make calls and pursue your leads vigorously.

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