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How To Capture Leads Coming To Your Website

Using Call to Actions, Lead Capture Forms, and Special Offers in Your Website Marketing to Create Conversions.

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The Importance of a Call to Action on Your Website to Capture Leads

The old internet marketing formula was to get traffic to your website. But the new and improved model is to have the traffic that comes directly to you. With a call to action, you can do this by capturing leads through booking appointments, capturing email addresses for lead generation, offering coupons or discount codes for people to use when they are at the end of their buying cycle, and more.

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A Call to Action (also referred to as “CTA”) can be one of the essential elements of your website. A CTA is what triggers a visitor to take action and continue down your marketing funnel. For example, when a user is reading through content on your website, a call to action is designed for them to scroll down and read more about the value of your product or service. CTA’s have multiple uses, from getting positive customer feedback to capturing lead information, so they can be a vital part of selling your products and services.

Set up Forms to Book Appointments and Schedule Reservations

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Creating a form on your website, such as booking an appointment or scheduling a reservation, is a significant step if you want to build an email marketing list. Building an email list is essential because it allows you to stay in touch with your potential customers and sell them stuff later down the road.

Trust is the number one thing needed to sell something. Building that trust requires building a relationship with your potential customer. The great thing about the internet is that you can use tools like email to keep in touch with people even when they leave your website and go on surfing other sites.

This ability to communicate over and over again with someone who isn’t quite ready to buy yet is what makes online marketing so powerful.

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When someone visits your site, they are not going to buy right away. But if you give them a chance to opt-in with their email address, you can send messages directly into their inbox. This way, they will be much more likely to see it than if it was a post on Facebook or some other social media platform.

We have found that using forms is an excellent way to improve conversions of marketing efforts and establish authority and credibility for brand building. We highly recommend you do the same.

Offering Discounts, Coupons, or Special Offers for Lead Capture

Creating a special offer or discount on your website is one of the simplest ways to capture someone’s email address. For example, your website visitors are usually in one of two camps: they either want to know more about your products and services before they commit, or they’ve already decided and are ready to buy.

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Not everyone is at the same stage of the buying cycle, so you’ll want to create different incentives for different types of visitors. For example, if you’re selling a product that requires a lot of education and explanation, you may consider creating an ebook that outlines its benefits and how it works. This ebook would be an ideal lead magnet for people who aren’t quite ready to buy but have expressed an interest in learning more about your product.

For those who are ready to buy but are still on the fence, perhaps a free trial or a money-back guarantee could sway them to take action.


There are many ways to capture emails from your website, including ads, pop-ups, and forms. Your approach will depend on your marketing budget, audience, and website goals. However you do it, we recommend you invest time setting up an email capture campaign on your website. It makes advertising more effective, but you also don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to build a relationship with potential customers. So follow our advice today and set yourself up for better long-term growth tomorrow!

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