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How To Finish The Year Strong

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Celebrate Your Wins & Plan For The Future

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your marketing plan for the previous year. What worked well in 2022? What didn’t? What do you need to change for next year? These are all important questions to ask yourself, things you need to understand as you plan for the coming year.

Celebrate Your Wins

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It’s time to celebrate your wins! “Wins” include both your own personal victories and your employees’ gains, and what you achieved together in the year as a team. Recognizing and rewarding the hard work your team put in this past year is a great way to motivate your team and keep them engaged. It also helps build morale and foster a positive work environment.

Plan For The Future

What do you want to achieve next year, both in terms of the financials, growth, and relations? What goals do you have for your business? Ignoring these questions puts you on a bad footing, always playing catch up with yourself throughout the year ahead. But taking the time to answer these questions will help you create a roadmap for the coming year and ensure that you hit the ground running in January.

End-of-Year Marketing Checklist

As you reflect on this past year, use this checklist to evaluate your marketing efforts and prepare for next year:

Analyze your marketing campaigns

Which ones were successful? Why? Which ones fell flat? Why? Knowing what worked (and didn’t work) will help you create more effective campaigns in the future.

Evaluate your website

Is it user-friendly? Does it reflect your brand well? Is it drawing customers to your business? If not, consider making some changes. A well-designed website is crucial for conversion rate optimization.

Take a close look at your SEO efforts

Are you ranking as high as you’d like in search engines? If not, consider investing in some targeted SEO strategies, including a webpage revamp that puts your business closer to the front of the line.

Look at your social media presence

Are you active on all the major platforms? If not, choose one or two that make the most sense for your business and focus your efforts there. Does your Facebook page have enough customer interaction? Does your business have the kind of visual aesthetic that Instagram can utilize? Are you targeting the professional set through LinkedIn? 

Review your analytics data

This information can be very helpful in understanding your customers’ needs and preferences. Use it to guide your marketing decisions going forward.

Make a list of changes or improvements you want to implement next year

Be specific about what you want to accomplish and how you’ll go about doing it. This will be your roadmap for next year’s marketing efforts.

Look for ways to strengthen the clients you already have by not neglecting the relationship

Transactional relationships may be the basics of capitalism and commerce, but the key to winning loyalty and market share is making your customers feel essential to you– which they are. We advocate The Give to Get Principle, where businesses extend themselves to their clients and are met with reciprocity and loyalty over time. Try hosting seminars, reaching out with hand-written notes, and looking for ways to add extras onto every client’s work that increase the value of the work you are performing.

The end of the year is an important time for reflection and planning. Use this checklist to help you assess your marketing efforts from this past year and make decisions about what changes or improvements need to be made for next year. By taking these steps now, you’ll be primed for a successful 2023!

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It’s not hard to connect A to B from this. Friends of friends, podcasters you trust, old college buddies on your timeline–all of these people are “recommending” a business to you by sharing, liking their posts, or advertising them on their social media. Then, once you’re looking for a business, the seed has been planted, and you already have someone in mind, you can ask for a recommendation.

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