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Use Facebook Advertising When You Want To Go Beyond Organic Reach And Find Your Ideal Customers

Increase Your Reach On Facebook Beyond Organic

We use Facebook every day. It’s come to a point where many of us don’t even think about it anymore. We get on our computers to check our Facebook feeds. We pull up our phones to see what new messages we might have from family and friends on our Facebook page. If you’re part of a Facebook community, you know what it’s like to be part of a group with similar interests. Facebook continues to make it easier for us to share with each other what we like and dislike as well as what we like to spend time viewing.

With Facebook advertising objectives such as Brand Awareness and Reach, you can increase overall brand awareness of your company, your products, and services you offer. These objectives are designed to show your ads to people who are likely to pay attention to your brand and reach the maximum amount of people within your ad spend budget.

Access Large Audience Size

global audienceFacebook advertising provide a tremendous opportunity for great exposure for businesses. With the rise of social media advertising, it’s no surprise that Facebook leads all other platforms. Why is this? Facebook’s monthly active users are at 2.80 billion. And, its daily active users are 1.84 billion (Facebook, 2021).

With such a large audience size, Facebook is impossible to ignore for anyone looking to market products or services within Facebook. It remains the leading social platform. Facebook reaches 59.0% of social media users. (eMarketer, 2020).

This larger audience size makes it lucrative for Facebook to leverage by offering advertising on its platform. Facebook’s ad revenue in Q4 2020 was $27.2 billion and there are over 200 million small businesses worldwide using Facebook (Facebook, 2021). 

With such a large audience, a Facebook ad objective of Consideration works to:

  • Lead traffic to your website
  • Generate leads
  • Increase engagement for your Facebook page
  • Show your video ads to people interested in them and watch them 100% completion

Target Your Ideal Audience

As marketers, we have the ability to utilize Facebook advertising tools to target an ideal audience. The ability to specify key characteristics of your ideal customer is one of Facebook ad’s greatest advantages to advertisers. This is a key difference between Facebook and Google. With Facebook, we’re able to niche down on and specify who we want to show our ads to and target them to serve them specific content.

The ability to level up your marketing on Facebook has never been better. Facebook continues to grow and thrive because it is able to deliver what the users need. In the form of paid social media, Facebook is still the top platform. 

Using Facebook advertising can be a great way to push beyond organic growth in the form of paid social. Getting more people to become aware of who you are and what your brand is, is crucial for creating a sense of community. This is a key component to building trust for a brand.

We work with our clients to help them with Facebook advertising since organic reach on Facebook is no longer what it once was. With such a large global audience, Facebook remains a powerful social media marketing tool for small businesses.

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