How To Show Your Clients You Love Them Through Video Marketing

One of the best ways to show you love your clients is to create video content. Why is that? Today’s consumers spend a majority of their time viewing videos. Videos are a great way to engage your customers. With video marketing, you can help guide your customers along a journey that can engage them and eventually convert them over to become fans of your brand and, ultimately, your customers.
Consider for a moment:
1. YouTube gets over 4 billion views per day.

2. 80% of consumers will visit an advertiser’s website after watching a branded video from that advertiser.

3. Video sharing online is done easily and regularly.

4. Videos can live on the web in Google search results, continuing to promote your business or brand without additional cost.

At Rock Star Marketing, we specialize in creating video content that helps grab the attention of your target audience. Below are several examples of video content we have created for use in online video marketing campaigns. Working with our clients, we come up with video content designed to be eye-catching and interesting.

In the videos below, each one was created with a specific customer avatar in mind. Yet, each video takes a different visual and narrative approach.

This was a really fun video to create. The client, an auto repair shop, wanted to promote his hybrid vehicle repair services on social media. We decided to focus on an environmentally conscious, yoga-practicing customer avatar. The video leads in with a serene landscape and a couple practicing yoga, nodding their heads. The key here is that this video was not meant to create a direct transaction on social media. Instead, we took a branding approach to help potential customers learn that the auto repair shop services and maintains hybrid vehicles.

The approach taken in this “Allergy Season Ahead” video is to help educate the viewer on ways to alleviate discomfort during allergy season. We worked with the client to create a video that gave tips on how to keep a clean car. In the end, there is a call to action, but only after some handy tips are explained in the video.

One of the best ways to catch attention online is with animation. In the case of Creekside Kids, an independent child care provider in Colorado Springs, Colorado, it was a no-brainer to create a colorful, eye-catching animated video to help encourage more online inquiries and sign-ups for the school.

Each of the examples above shows how varied and engaging the video creative can be. This is a great way to show your customers love! People don’t want to be sold online. The aim should be to educate, engage, and/or entertain so people can recall your brand when they need your service. In all of the videos above, our aim was to:
1. Catch the attention of the viewer

2. Include a short, relatable narrative to the audience

3. Add client branding

It is no secret that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Online people, especially on mobile devices, have a greater chance of recalling your brand after seeing your video. It is so easy to watch videos on mobile devices. Because of that, it is now easier than ever to share video content and potentially have a video go viral. Remember, videos can live online quite sustainably. As a result, videos can be positioned at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). You can see more of the video content we’ve created at our Media Division landing page.

If you need help with your video marketing, contact Rock Star Marketing to see what we can do to help your social media online presence. Our Media Division specializes in working with clients directly to help you effectively communicate with your customers. Contact us today by signing up for a free discovery session.

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