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Now that we’re in the new year, congratulations! Here’s hoping that 2021 is better for business and travel than the earlier days of the pandemic. 
One of the things we do here at Rock Star Marketing is to create vision boards for the new year. Our team sits down with poster boards, scissors, glue sticks, colorful pens, magazines, and inspirational music in the background. We scour through the magazines, looking for pictures, words, and images that inspire us to meet our goals for the new year. We cut out those pictures, glue them to our poster boards, write down our purposes, and share our creations. Each vision board is then put on display all year long to see our goals every day and bring our dreams to life.
When you think about what you accomplish in the new year, what is your process for visualizing your business goals? Everyone is different, so we thought we’d offer up a few ideas about how you can bring your vision to life.

Vision Boards

When you create your vision board each year, you will be surprised at how many things you place on your board will come true. Just be sure to place your vision board in a spot that you can see daily. If you don’t look at your vision board, you will likely forget some or all of your goals.


Hypnotherapy is something the Rock Star Squad tried in 2020, and we are happy to report that we see great results! Maureen Pisani facilitated our sales training and hypnotherapy session, and she shared the recordings with us. Each night, before falling asleep, we listen to the hypnotherapy recording to remind ourselves of our goals and visualize our dreams coming true. 

Sticky Notes On Your Mirror

Rob Rowsell, of Family Auto Service, likes to write on sticky notes and place them on a mirror. This technique allows him to see his goals every morning while he brushes his teeth. Because some of his plans have to do with personal health and fitness, he can also view his progress in the mirror over time.

Write Yourself A Check

Jim Carrey, the famous actor, wrote himself a check for $10 Million early on in his career. That daily reminder allowed him to visualize his goals and strive to overcome many obstacles throughout the process. If you are the kind of person that is motivated by a big payout, do yourself a favor and write yourself a check. Then, place that check in a spot where you can easily see it so you can keep your eye on the prize.

Put A Reminder In Your Wallet

An old boss once showed me his technique of visualizing his goals. He wrote down three things he wanted to accomplish for the year and stuck that piece of paper in his wallet. Every day, when he looked in his wallet, he was reminded that he was set to accomplish those three things. Once he reached those goals, he replaced it with a new piece of paper in his wallet.

Write in Your Journal

For some of us, writing things down is a critical first step in meeting goals. If you write in your journal daily, you can note five things you are grateful for each day, any money miracles you experienced, and write what you want to do next. This daily routine is potent and can show you how your journey toward success is progressing.

Draw In A Sketchbook

While some of us are writers, others are better at drawing pictures. When you draw out what you want to accomplish, the images have a deeper meaning. If you prefer to doodle, sketch, or paint, get yourself the tools and paper, you’ll need to draw your goals. You may find this to be a relaxing exercise that gently propels you toward your dreams.

Create A Spreadsheet

If you are the type of person who likes to visualize goals in the form of numbers, creating a spreadsheet is a terrific idea. In your spreadsheet, plan out your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. List out how much you need to make to meet your goals. Don’t forget to factor in how much you want to save and how many products you want to sell. All of the data you track in your spreadsheet will help you measure your progress. After all, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Per Susie Carder, the Profit Coach, spreadsheets become sexy when you realize that math is money and money is fun.
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