How You Can Learn From The Competition

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The word “competition” is up to interpretation here at Rock Star Marketing. We have many partners that we love dearly and even refer our clients to, who may “technically” be our competition. At Rock Star Marketing, we’re all about finding seats at the table rather than poaching guests for our dinner party. This has helped us serve as active role models for how important the “Give to Get” principle is in marketing and business.


It’s no longer a dog-eat-dog world for business–not always, anyway.

If you grew up with the terms “shark tank” or “dog eat dog world,” you may have an innate understanding of the business world as one of competition and big fish eating smaller fish. This may have been true at one time when smaller businesses were competing for spots on the block or the population in their small community. But in 2022, with e-commerce, larger communities, and the ability to travel–we aren’t in that dog-eat-dog business world anymore, not always.


Your competition knows you better than your clients.

Your competition knows your market, your field, and your weaknesses. But they also know your strengths. They know more about you than your clients do–because they understand the grief, hard work, and joy on the other end of the counter.



Find a seat at the table for everyone if you can.

We love to see businesses find seats at the table for everyone, and we encourage our clients to do so for us. Even if our clients are working with different in-house marketing, have a website company of their own, or any other number of “already have”’s on their payroll, we are excited to find our seat at the table. It’s made us a successful business and shows our clients that we appreciate relationships over transactions.  

Some of “our competition” are just working different services than we are and referring out clients while we build our abilities has proved to build trust in our clients further. We are all here to serve in one capacity or another, whether we do it personally or tell you who can help!


It’s okay to learn more about your competition–you don’t have to feel like a spy!

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If your competition has a fantastic marketing team, they probably have blogs, social media, and SEO that dazzles. It’s okay to look at their website, read their blogs, and even sign up for their newsletter! It doesn’t make you a spy, nor does your version of what they do suddenly “unoriginal.” The internet makes our competition so accessible that it feels too good to be true. It’s not. It’s okay to learn from your competition right at the source!


We can help you decide which direction your business needs to grow. 

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