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Problem Solving & How You Can Provide Value To Your Community

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Problem Solving

If you’ve had a problem, then you have company. Across all fields, tons of businesses are having similar problems right now. In fact, the business world feels more like a community now than ever, especially for us small business owners. What beauty we witnessed as small businesses lifted each other up during the pandemic and continue to rebuild in the aftermath.

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Most business owners will vent about the same few things. You may experience high turnover, difficulty finding quality candidates, or slower revenue because of the impending recession. Like the preceding drama of the past few years, the aftermath is a map we are navigating together.

But the point is that many people in your community share common troubles and frustrations—and if these individuals can work together to solve those issues, everyone benefits! You can provide value to your community, whether the small business community you operate in or the clients you enjoy serving.


To Solve A Problem, We Need To Name It

You need to know what the problem is before you can solve it. 

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It may feel like you’re treading water or even like a waste of time, but it’s important to think deeply about the root causes of your problem. Having fewer customers and less revenue is a problem–that much is true–but what are the driving factors leading customers away? 

Recession? High prices on your end? Less outreach? When one thing leads to another, you may realize the problem you need to solve isn’t actually what you began with. 

It’s okay if the problem is out of your control. If we could control a recession (or a global pandemic), most of us would’ve opted for a full-stop. However, knowing the true problem will provide you with perspective and knowledge–something we seem to struggle with in a scarcity mindset!


Be Creative and Fearless!

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Once you name the problem, the actual problem, the creative solutions come flowing in. 

For example: if you’ve had a hard time with staff turnover or finding quality employees, you may realize upon further analysis that your internal marketing needs some work. Instead of wasting money and resources on reaching out to dozens of people who may leave, you can focus your energy on producing quality standard operating procedures (Rock Star Marketing can help with this!) and rebuilding your business culture. 


Bring Your Solution To The People

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You need to know what marketing channels will most effectively reach your target market and then bring your solution to them (Rock Star Marketing can help with this. Ask us about our Social Media Optimization services!).  

And if you want to reach out to other leaders in the community, we’d never advise you against it.

At Rock Star Marketing, it’s a part of our culture to be industry leaders and problem solvers. The truth is, you can help people by providing solutions to problems they are having right now.

This does not mean that you should volunteer yourself as an advisor or mentor for every single person who asks for help because that would be exhausting and ultimately futile – it means that if someone asks for advice or mentorship from an area where there is something specific that they need help with then, by all means, offer them some! Connections are always a good thing to have; we build them through the community. 


A Case Study: US!

The business world has changed a lot since the turn of the century. When I started my small, woman-owned business, things were much different. Now in the Internet age, we have to work hard to prove our value and show our clients we do it differently than anyone else!

At Rock Star Marketing, when there’s a problem, we fix it. We get to the root of it and use each hiccup as a learning opportunity. We’ve developed new ways to reach our client base and add value to our community. We have blogs, social media accounts, podcasts, and more.

We’re constantly coming up with new methods of communication that will help you grow your brand — and it’s all part of our commitment to helping you solve the problems that are keeping you from achieving success in your industry.


Let Us Add Value To Your Business & Help You Solve Problems!

If you want to know more about Rock Star Marketing’s services, click here! We offer a complimentary discovery session so we can match you with the best services that will benefit your business! So contact us today, and let’s get you on stage!

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