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Rock Star Marketing’s Vision For 2023

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Visualize Attaining Your Goals

It’s a new year, and I love making a Vision Board every January. I’ve been doing annual Vision Boards since I was 25 years old, and the cool thing is that when I can see it every day, I improve my chances of getting it. About 80% of the goals I have placed on those poster boards have come to fruition.


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Vision Boards:  Personal

What are some of the things my personal Vision Boards produced for me over the years?

  • Living in Monterey
  • Finding my darling husband, Rene Arreola
  • Buying a portfolio of rental properties
  • Various travel destinations
  • Health and fitness
  • My beloved 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman
  • Interior decorating upgrades
  • Scuba diving and kayaking adventures


Vision Boards:  Professional

But I also like to create a Vision Board for our business. I love setting annual, quarterly, and monthly goals for Rock Star Marketing. My many business coaches (Thanks, Rob Rowsell, Brian Gillis, Steve Ek, Vania Clark-Butler, and Susie Carder!) have encouraged me to set measurable goals to grow and scale our business.

To follow the advice of my business coaches, I will publicly state Rock Star Marketing’s Vision for 2023:

  • Recognize where the US economy is headed, and take proactive measures to thrive while market indicators are in flux. 
  • Dive deeper into serving the Auto Repair, Construction, Healthcare, and Rental Property Management Industries. They need marketing help if they want to survive economic turmoil.
  • Expand broader-reaching marketing services to our clients, like website design, podcasting services, and video marketing campaigns that have terrific ROI.
  • Offer more Standard Operating Procedure writing services because clients who’ve taken advantage of this service have produced fantastic business results.
  • Operate quickly and efficiently while maintaining an outstanding, supportive, and enthusiastic company culture.
  • Continue to teach value-added marketing classes across the country at various business events.
  • Publish my next book, which is about the history of women’s social progress within the United States from the 1840s to the current times.


What are your business goals in 2023?

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Do you also create a Vision Board for your business? If it’s not exactly a Vision Board, do you at least put together an annual business plan that spells out your financial goals and how you plan to reach those milestones?


If you want to grow your business, I invite you to meet me for a complimentary Discovery Session to brainstorm ways to help you reach those goals. I would love to share my marketing knowledge with you, for I want to see you and your team thrive!


Let’s figure out how to bring your visions to life this year. To get on my calendar, please click on this link: You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

To your success!

Jen Filzen

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