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Why Giving To Your Tribe Gets You Raving Fans

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Discovering Your Target (Your Tribe) Market Through Marketing

Do you find yourself hoping for loyal customers that come back time & time again? Wouldn’t it be great if they brought even more of their friends with them on each visit? Even better, what if they were the exact clientele you always dreamed of, your target market, your tribe?

When marketing your business, the key to achieving this level of love and loyalty lies in giving back to the people who support you – what we call “giving to your tribe.”


What is a tribe?3D email marketing concept

In business terms, your tribe is your target market, the specific demographic you want to serve. Think of your tribe like you would your family. The people you want to spend the most time with and the ones whose business you desire the most.

Every business’s tribe looks different, and that’s what is so amazing about an abundance mindset. When you know the market is vast, you know there is always a niche and specific market you can specialize in.


Why should I give to my tribe?


It comes down to investments. The best investment you can make is in yourself, right? Well, as a business, the best investment you can make is in your tribe; because that is an investment in yourself! Building faith, loyalty, and patronage through your service, specialty, and trust.

Investing in the well-being of your target market demonstrates genuine care for their interests, which helps build relationships that yield long-term returns far greater than the initial investment. For these reasons, giving back to your tribe should be considered an investment, not merely a cost.


How do I give to my tribe?

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Giving to your target market is more than just providing goods and services; it’s about investing in a shared mission, meaningful to both parties. The best way to give to your tribe is to develop a deep understanding of who they are and what they need.

It’s crucial to establish relationships with the existing target market as well as stay aware that new target audiences may be reached through unique strategies tailored specifically for them.

Investing in research and taking time to connect with target customers will enable you to generate creative solutions, establish a base of loyal followers, and make it easier for potential customers to learn more about the value of your offerings.


Rock Star Marketing Can Help You Reach Your Target Market

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Reaching your target market starts with the fundamental rule of marketing:

“It’s not what you want to say but what your customers want to hear!” ~Ye Olde Marketing Guru

Finding what makes you special and translating that so your customers internalize and truly hear that message. You want that message to speak directly to their frustrations, and you need that message to meet them where they are.


Here’s How Rock Star Marketing Helps You Find Your Target Market

If you want to give to your tribe and discover your target market, we invite you to meet me for a complimentary Discovery Session to brainstorm ways to help you reach those goals. Let’s figure out how to bring your visions to life this year. To get on our calendar, please click on this link: You’ll be glad you did! 

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