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Top Tips To Hit Your Year End Goals

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At this point of the year, you’re either going to finish strong or limp across the line. Either way, you’ve got to finish! It can be difficult this time of year as we begin partaking in holiday plans. But you’ve got to remember that version of yourself who was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the beginning of the year, hoping and dreaming of all you could accomplish. Here are some tips for staying focused on your goals so you can hit them by December 31.


Analyze your year end goals and work backward.

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The first step to hitting your goals is to work backward from your end goal. Start with the finish line in mind. Break it down into smaller steps and then plan for each by creating an action plan with time frames (i.e., what you will do and when). You may be surprised at how much you have already accomplished! Luckily, by this time of the year, you shouldn’t be starting at square one. 

The following are some good questions to ask yourself when working backward:

  • What do I really want, and how would things look once I have it? 
  • Has my vision of what I need to be changed since the beginning of the year?
  • What will happen if I don’t achieve my goal?
  • How can I make sure that my goals become a reality next year? What steps did I miss this year? 

During this time of year, it’s okay to admit that some of your goals may not have been thoroughly thought through or pursued. However, distinguishing which ones you need to pursue through the new year will help save you some time and energy. This critical analysis will help you realize the difference between a want and a need.


Make an inventory of your tasks and to-dos.

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Once you know what you want to buckle down on for these next few months, you can do a task inventory. 

  • Make a list of all the things you have to do.
  • Break down each task into smaller tasks and prioritize them based on their importance, urgency, and resources.
  • Create a task list for the next day, week, or month, and ensure you’re giving yourself healthy boundaries during the height of the holiday season. You may want to use a calendar system like Outlook or Google Calendar to keep track of your progress as time goes on.


Write it down and check your progress regularly to stay focused, accountable, and motivated.

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When you wrote your goals at the beginning of the year, there was a lot of up in the air. Some factors are out of our control. It’s okay to reset your goals at this very moment. Set goals that are achievable. There is no need for high-flying aspirations when it comes to hitting your end-of-the-year targets. You can still achieve success while setting reasonable expectations – even if they seem small compared with other areas of business growth!

What’s most important is that you get accountable for whatever you decide. Keep track of what needs doing by writing down your daily tasks and reviewing them regularly until they are complete – whether through collaboration with others or self-accountability methods such as bullet journaling or personal checklists (or both). 

Be motivated daily by knowing why these tasks matter so much: do they represent progress toward long-term gains? Is it important enough that another person would notice if I didn’t do this one thing today? Will doing this task make me feel better about myself later down the road?

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