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Welcome to this week’s blog! As we see a light at the end of the tunnel with getting COVID-19 under control, many of our auto repair customers have been wondering: What can we do to promote our services better? 

One idea is promotions… giving to get is a proven method for connecting with clients, engendering loyalty, and starting something kind in your business. What can you “give to get”? Is it hosting a car care clinic? That’s a great way to get people in the door and to build trust. Car care clinics demystify auto repairs and make the process more transparent. It’s a good start towards getting people in the door and on the right foot with your brand.

oil-changeWhat can you give to get more clients as the months heat up? Perhaps you could give away oil filter changes as a loss leader. If your shop has DVI, the important factor is always getting customers in the door– once you have a look at their car, you can look to the services that can add up. It’s a win-win as it might help convince a reluctant customer to get work they desperately need done on their vehicle. Take advantage of holidays and occasions, and you can pull more people in for fun family outings, like a BBQ or offering snow-cones in the heat of summer.

Another idea — and this is a big one — is to revamp your Search Engine Optimized content on your website. Having fresh SEO content that tells your unique story is not only good for Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs for short), but it also plucks at the heartstrings of your ideal clients so they can’t help but want to work with you! 


Think about it: when was the last time you revamped the content on your website? If it was written before 2018, chances are the story on your business could use a refresh. You may not offer (or want to offer) some of the services you had when you last had your website optimized. You may want to begin to extend the area of customers you are attracting, too. 

Generally speaking, we recommend you do the following to take your business to the next level:  

1) Tune it up. Fine-tune the landing pages on your website, ensure they are keyword-rich, and perform well in organic Google searches.

2) Watch those numbers. Make sure your website is integrated with your CRM so you can easily capture the information of new leads.

3) Give to get. Offer various products, services, and events that will retain the interest of your ideal clients so you can form long-term relationships with them.

4) Remind ‘em you’re there, visually. Set up regular video marketing ad campaigns with a defined ad spend budget and track what best converts clients.

We love helping small businesses grow and we want to know what our Squad can do to help your business grow. If you need help, let’s chat about your marketing strategy and the tactics you can employ to earn more revenue this year.

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