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What Are Key Performance Indicators & How Do They Help Your Business?

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Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential to ensuring your company’s success! But, what are KPIs, and what do they measure?

In this blog post, we’ll explain marketing KPIs and how they can help your business achieve its marketing goals. We’ll also discuss some of the most common KPIs businesses use today. So if you’re interested in learning more about this important topic, keep reading!

What are key performance indicators (KPIs)?

You’ve likely heard the term “key performance indicators,” or KPIs, but you may not be entirely sure what they are or how they can help your organization. Simply put, KPIs are a way to measure progress and success. You can use them to track just about anything, from overall company performance to the success of individual employees or teams.

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When setting KPIs, it’s important to consider what you want to achieve and what metrics best reflect that. For example, if you’re trying to increase sales, you might track the number of sales made per month or the total revenue generated. By setting clear and achievable KPIs, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is working towards the same goals.

Moreover, regular tracking of KPIs can help you identify problems early on and make necessary adjustments to stay on track. In short, KPIs are an essential tool for any organization that wants to measure and improve performance!

Which Marketing KPIs should you track for your specific business type and goals?

There is a lot of different marketing KPIs (key performance indicators) businesses can track, but which ones are the most important for your specific business type and goals?

Here is a list of some of the most common marketing KPIs and how they can benefit your business:

  • Website traffic: This KPI measures the number of visitors to your website. By tracking website traffic, you can get an idea of how effectively your marketing campaigns drive people to your site. Use google analytics and other software options to help you track and project data into the future.

  • SEO: Tracking your website’s SEO performance and ranking is another KPI you’ll want to track. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to reach your target audience. Software like Ahrefs, Surfer, and SEMRush are excellent tools to help you track and rank with SEO.

  • Leads: A lead is someone who has shown interest in your product or service. Tracking the number of leads you generate will give you an idea of how effectively your marketing generates interest in your business.

  • Conversions: A conversion is when a lead turns into a paying customer, the good part, haha! Tracking conversions will give you an idea of how many leads are actually turning into customers.

  • Sales: This KPI measures the total revenue generated by your sales. Tracking sales will give you an idea of whether or not your marketing efforts are resulting in increased revenue for your business.

Businesses can track many other marketing KPIs, but these are some of the most common and important ones. By tracking these KPIs, you can take hold of the seemingly chaotic business world around you and produce actionable data for your future!


How do you create or set up KPIs for your business?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to set up KPIs for your business will depend on your company’s specific goals and objectives. However, a few general tips can help you get started.

  • First: Make sure that you align your KPIs with your overall business strategy. In other words, they should be measurable indicators of progress towards your desired outcomes.

  • Second: Involve all relevant stakeholders in creating and setting KPIs. This will help ensure buy-in and ownership of the process.

  • Finally: Remember that KPIs must be regularly reviewed and updated to remain relevant and effective. Following these tips can create KPIs to help you achieve your business goals.


What are some common pitfalls to avoid when tracking and using KPIs?

There are a few common pitfalls to avoid when tracking and using KPIs!

One is to avoid setting too many KPIs. It can be tempting to want to track everything, but this can quickly become overwhelming and make it difficult to focus on the most important aspects of your business!

  • It’s important to choose a few KPIs that will give you the most insights into your business’ performance. Much like the items mentioned above, find the key elements that bring in revenue and help you grow; begin by measuring those!

  • Another pitfall to avoid is not setting realistic goals for your KPIs. If your KPIs are impossible to reach, you’ll quickly become discouraged and may tempt you to give up on tracking them altogether. You want to motivate your employees and celebrate small psychological wins frequently! Baby steps are always better than giant leaps!

  • Try and avoid becoming fixated on short-term results. While it’s important to keep an eye on how your business is performing in the short term, don’t lose sight of market trends, downturns, trends, and cycles.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you’ll be well on your way to tracking and using KPIs effectively. Most importantly, find a marketing company to help you reach your KPIs and rocket you to the next level in business!

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