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What Does A VIP Client Get From Rock Star Marketing?

VIP client

We help our VIP clients reach the next level with their business goals.

Are you reaching a point in your business where you won’t rest until you reach your business goals? As we head into a new year and think about what we want to accomplish, we must have a solid marketing strategy.

Rock Star Marketing has many different services available, but you get full access when you reach VIP Client status. What do VIPs get that other clients don’t get? The short answer is Everything!

Here is a complete list of all our 2022 marketing services:

Standard Operating Procedures / Owner's Manual

Your business' Standard Operating Procedures will be documented and placed in an online Owner's Manual you can use to train your employees!

SEO Content

We'll re-write your website's text and freshen it up with the Search Engine Optimized keywords you most need!

Website Design

Want your website to be beautiful? Our design team creates customized websites as special and unique as you are.

Blog Writing

If you want your website to appear closer to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you'll need fresh content at least once a month.

Social Media Optimized Content

You'll have twice weekly representation in multiple social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business. Ask about our tiered service plans!

Client Review Management

When clients write about your services, it's wise to respond to them all. Good or bad. It's a small detail, but an important one.

Video Marketing

Our graphic design team can turn your videos into ads that allow you to speak directly to your targeted audience.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Using Facebook and Google Ads, we can bring more of the kind of clients you're looking for directly to your door. We have a Facebook Ads team that presents your adverts to the right people!

Podcasting Services

If you dream of having a talk show but don't know how to do it, we can help. We can set you up for success with regularly-scheduled interactive podcasts, build the online community around your brand, and help you achieve rockstar status in your industry.

Weekly Meetings

We're here for you, once a week, to give you an overview of where we are and where we're going together!

Special Projects

You get full access to our creativity as a VIP client. For example, Basurto Painting wanted a custom Christmas card sent to their clients, so our design team designed it just in time for the holiday.

Without a doubt, full access to our marketing talents is like jet fuel for your business growth. As a VIP client, you may use several or all of our services – whatever works best for your needs. But being a VIP client will most certainly take you to the next level in your business goals.

To give you an example, here’s a case study around our largest VIP client, Basurto Painting.

Nico Basurto, of Basurto Painting, started working with Rock Star Marketing in 2019 when we built his website and SEO content. He knew he wanted to grow, but he didn’t have a marketing budget like many small business owners. Nico knew that if he wanted to grow, he would need a dedicated effort to promote his business via various marketing strategies.

Basurto Painting
2021 Christmas Dinner with the Basurto Family!
Pictured L to R: Jen Filzen, Rene Arreola, Nico Basurto, Ian Basurto, Lupe Basurto.

Since becoming a VIP client, one of the biggest improvements has been the Quality of Leads. 

No longer is Nico getting “bottom feeder” Yelp prospects who are shopping based on price alone. With our targeted Facebook video advertisements, we can track the leads, funnel them to the CRM, and retarget any lead that watched our videos.

For example, one of our “random” videos about front door restoration turned a small specialty niche into a significant lead and revenue generator! The result was something Nico never expected, but these targeted videos have grown his front door specialty into a big moneymaker.

SOPs have improved company culture and consistency.

Basurto Painting was experiencing a less-than-desirable turnover rate with employees, so we thought it would be wise to train employees through highly-detailed Standard Operating Procedures. SOPs were on Nico’s list of things to do, but he lacked time to do them. The Rock Star Marketing team worked closely with the Basurto Painting team to thoroughly document every aspect of the workday so Basurto employees would know the correct way to do things. The results? Less frustration on the employee’s part, higher efficiency, fewer mistakes, and increased profits. Documenting the company’s SOPs and infusing them with the company culture has reduced turnover and boosted team morale.

Year-end reports show remarkable Gross Growth Revenue.

If you look at Nico Basurto’s history with Rock Star Marketing, you’ll see tremendous growth in the three years.

  • In 2019, Basurto Painting started working with us and earned $370K Gross.
  • In 2020, Basurto Painting earned $750K Gross, 49% annual revenue growth.
  • In 2021, Basurto Painting earned $1M Gross, a 25% annual revenue growth.

In 2022, Basurto Painting will continue to use the SOPs in the Owner’s Manual to train employees, improve efficiency, and increase the profit margin as they learn to follow the SOP steps and checklists. Fingers crossed, we expect to see their revenue growth continue, but Basurto Painting’s profit margins should also go up.

Here’s the TLDR answer: You get full access to our marketing services and hearts when you’re a VIP client.

At Rock Star Marketing, we are the #1 fans of the people we represent. We look forward to doing our part to put YOUR business in the limelight! If you’d like the kind of marketing that gets you and loves you for the Rock Star YOU are, get in touch with us today.

Contact us today for a FREE Discovery Session. Let’s explore how VIP status could help you reach your annual goals.

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