What We Have Learned About Marketing Over The Years

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As the world becomes more digitized, marketing remains the driving force in meeting the consumer where they are at.

The world around us has changed a lot over the past year. One thing that has become apparent is that marketing is more relevant and more important than it has ever been! As the world becomes more digitized and we increasingly look to the internet for the solutions to our problems, marketing remains the driving force in meeting the consumer where they are at! 

The internet is like a busy bee-hive; marketing of all types hurling itself towards you at every corner. Navigating the swarm and maintaining that top-of-mind awareness is key, as it always has been! 

Whether it’s a restaurant looking for a digital footprint in our increasingly delivery-based food market, or an in-store studio wanting to inform the public about their grand re-opening and enhanced cleaning protocols, marketing, as it always has been, remains the answer.

Let’s look at a few ways that marketing has evolved over the years. What’s new, what isn’t, and what will always be the same? Here’s a short list of what we’ve learned about marketing over the years!

Relationship Vs. Transactional

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With the increasing focus on social equity and human rights, marketing has taken a turn towards a more relationship-based marketing model, as opposed to a transactional-based marketing model. Relationship marketing focuses on customer retention, value-added service, and overall customer satisfaction as a means to increasing long-term sales. Its core values reside in the idea that if the customer believes in your message, believes in your product, and trusts that you genuinely want to deliver the best quality product, they will continue to frequent your services year after year. Relationship marketing is especially valuable with products and services that might cost a bit more than their competitors but prove their value in the quality that they offer.

Meet the Consumer

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When the pandemic hit, the world went digital overnight! Businesses that weren’t prepared to meet the customer in the digital realm were left scrambling to catch up to a rapidly changing marketing atmosphere. What hasn’t changed is the fundamental marketing principle of “meet your customer where they are.” If your customers are increasingly living in a digital world, that’s where you’ve got to be, too!

The Consumer is Changing

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It’s true, the model of the consumer is an ever-evolving entity that changes with the passing of time. What is important to one group of people might not be important to the next generation, and so on. The Millenials are all grown-up, and they are becoming the driving force behind the bulk of the spending in this country. Understanding their core values, where they spend their time, and what they want in the future will be critical!

We can’t see the future, but we can predict that the world around us is constantly changing! Understanding the new kids on the block and what they want to spend their money on is how you bridge that divide. Marketing is as old as time, but it can adapt to the newer world!

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