Why Virtual Summits Are Here To Stay

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Are you a Zoom Zombie? I know I sure am! OMG, my butt is looking more and more like the shape of my office chair with every passing day that I’m chained to my desk and sitting in Zoom conference calls.

And though I sound like I’m complaining — well, maybe a bit of the butt part — I have grown to love virtual meetings. Why? For starters, it’s saving me tons of time and money since I don’t have to travel. Plus, I’m able to belong to a lot more associations and can crash more parties. I confess, as much as I love seeing people in person, virtual summits have many advantages to in-person events.

Though many of us, including myself, would like to get back to seeing people, I firmly believe that virtual summits are here to stay. At least I envision some hybrid event where in-person training takes place, but there’s a videoconference component for those who want to attend but are unable to travel.

Way before COVID forced us to shelter-in-place, I saw Lisa Nichols put on hybrid events. For a lower fee, virtual conference attendees could experience everything online. For those who paid more to attend the event in person or even paid more money to be part of the VIP crowd, we all got a lot of value from the conference.

For me, I’m enjoying the convenience of virtual summits for myself and everyone involved. This month, we have the Virtual Rock Star Summit taking place for only 1 hour each day from May 10 – 15, 2021, at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern. It’s a free event that features six great speakers who bring a lot of value. I am offering it for free because I want to help you fill your cup with positive energy, business advice, and life-building wisdom. I sincerely hope you join us.

Of course, I love seeing you in person, and I want to get back to hosting in-person events. In the meantime, I think virtual summits are the way to go, and I will continue to host them for the foreseeable future. 

If you wish to register for our FREE Virtual Rock Star Summit, I encourage you to visit this link and reserve your space right away.  https://rock-star-mktg.com/virtual-summit/ 

Again, it’s free, but I know you’ll discover many golden nuggets and pearls of wisdom from attending. See you there!

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