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Why You Should Test Out Your Standard Operating Procedures

More than just a successful residential painting project, this was an opportunity that allowed us to test the Standard Operating Procedures we created for our client.

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Photo courtesy of Jennifer Filzen.

I’m so excited! The interior of our apartment just got repainted, and it looks so fresh and clean! Check it out.

standard operating proceduresBut WHY should anyone care that we repainted our home’s interior? This was an opportunity for us to test out the Standard Operating Procedures we created for our VIP client, Basurto Painting.

You see, back in 2021, Nico Basurto was fretting over the fact that his employees received training, but they continued to make small mistakes that negatively affected the company’s bottom line. So, we thought it would be wise to document every procedure they do at Basurto Painting and create a checklist to ensure everything was executed correctly.

The Rock Star Marketing Squad built out an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for everything – from how the customer is greeted on the first day of the project to how the paintbrushes are cleaned. We even added videos and checklists to the SOPs so each employee could easily look things up and know if they were following Nico’s specific instructions.

This gave us an idea. We invited Basurto Painting to paint our home, experience these SOPs first-hand, and see if they needed to be updated. Here are the results.

The First Day On The Job

As per the Standard Operating Procedures for Basurto Painting instructions, the team followed all the correct steps. From how they greeted us as the door to how they laid down the plastic that would protect our carpeting, everything went to plan.

The First Week Of The Project

Following Standard Operating Procedures is crucial if you want to ensure the project is done right. For example, Nico Basurto had us write out all the steps to successful stain matching. Here is a video showing how they match the colors to reduce mistakes.

The painting team made great progress in the first week. They worked around our busy conference call schedule and were as quiet as possible while they painted. There were 5 of us together in 900 square feet, but it didn’t feel imposing at all.

The End Of The Project

Nico joins us for a final walk-through at the end of the project to ensure his team did everything correctly. Not only does this make for happy customers, but it also improves the opportunity for repeat business the next time the house needs touch-ups.

The team followed all the checklists and completed all the small things we requested. Here’s a video showing how happy I was with the final results.

How Did It Help Basurto Painting's Profitability?

Nico Basurto is thrilled with the SOPs that Rock Star Marketing created for his painting business. The checklists and instructions help him train his people, improve efficiency, increase profitability, and reduce callbacks to fix things.

Honestly, we are thrilled to help Basurto Painting document its Standard Operating Procedures so the team can have a clear guide to success. They benefit as a company, and we benefit as happy customers!

At Rock Star Marketing, we are the #1 fans of the people we represent. This is why we are happy to write the Standard Operating Procedures for our clients and test them out as well! If you would like our Squad to document your company’s Standard Operating Procedure, contact us today.

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