Will Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business?

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Social Media Is About Developing Connection With Your Target Audience

You may be wondering if social media marketing will help your business, and the short answer is yes! Social media marketing is all about connection, and that connection you create with your target demographic through routine social media posts helps grow your business. No longer is your business just another face in the crowd, but you stand out, and your “tribe” will hear your voice.

According to Pew Research, 71 percent of American adults use Facebook, 28 percent use LinkedIn, 26 percent use Pinterest, and 23 percent use Twitter. Those percentages speak volumes. The majority of Americans are scrolling through a social media platform, and the way to connect with those individuals is through social media marketing. 

Social media marketing is more than just sharing pictures online to get a few “likes” and followers. It is about developing that connection with your target audience. Social media marketing aims to engage with your customers and clients by sharing content that captures your business’s story. That story resonates with your clients, and you ultimately create an online image representing who you are as a business. 

Your social media platforms tell a story to your clients, and your clients will want to read that story. The point is to start a conversation with your social media posts. The discussion will attract more like-minded clients and strengthen the relationship you already have with your customers. The team at Rock Star Marketing are storytellers — we will tell your story, personalized to you and your business. This authenticity is what individuals connect with and want to see more of. 

Average social media users spend more than two hours a day on social media. For most of us, it is part of our everyday routine, and with social media marketing, you will become a part of your customer’s daily lives, a reminder that you are out there and looking to engage with them. Social media marketing is the way to speak to your clients through personalized and authentic content tailored to them. 

In the wake of the COVID era, we are most likely are spending even more time online, a silver lining in a global pandemic that allows us to connect even more with our target audience. If you would like us to help you with a more aggressive marketing strategy in these uncertain times, we would love to hear from you! From video ads to email campaigns, social media engagements, and SEO pages for your website, contact Rock Star Marketing today! You’ll be glad you did!

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