Brochure Design to Help Brand Your Company and Spread Your Message

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Brand your company and spread your message with brochure design. As a digital marketing agency, Rock Star Marketing is in the business of helping our clients communicate effectively with their target customers. In addition to online marketing, Rock Star Marketing also uses the power of print to supplement our clients’ online marketing. Social media platforms fuel the online digital marketing landscape, but print media provides value on an entirely different level. One such print media product is a

A Brochure Can Act As A Personal One-On-One Salesperson For Those Reluctant To Go Online

Websites are a great resource for businesses. They are the so-called 24-hour business card and we love websites. But with an online presence comes the potential for online distractions. Pop-up ads, short attention spans while surfing online or the ease of infinitely scrolling or swiping through a website may distract your potential client before they even get to your website! While engaging website content is worth its weight in gold, a printed brochure can offer advantages that help supplement your online marketing strategies. 

brochure design comic book style
A brochure designed in a comic book style. The bright colors and hand-drawn art style offer an eye-catching promotional piece.

Design Your Brochures With Specific Marketing Strategies In Mind

A brochure can be designed and customized for a very specific target. Brochures can be tailored to specific markets, designed for mailing campaigns, and they can even be customized with very specific information through the use of variable data printing.
Are you an auto repair shop looking to educate your existing customer base on some relevant car maintenance issues? Or, perhaps you want to hold a special car clinic, one that involves teaching younger kids in your community about a career in the automotive repair industry. The use of a specifically created brochure can act as a personal, one-on-one introduction to your message. A brochure is a stand-alone marketing piece. It has no distractions within itself that compete for your potential customer’s attention.
Brochures may also be designed as self-mailers. If you can condense your information so it fits on a double-sided, multi-panel brochure designed for mailing (adhering to USPS mailing requirements), then it is possible to save some money on printing additional mailing envelopes. A self-contained, self-mailing brochure might be just what is needed to effectively and efficiently reach potential customers.
Variable data printing (VDP) is a more advanced facet of printing that offers even further customization for brochure design and use. Variable data typically involves the use of a .csv file (such as from Microsoft Excel). A .csv (Comma-separated Values) is a file format that contains columns and rows of data. This .csv file can be set up to print very specific and detailed information on a piece by piece basis. 
VDP is a more advanced type of printing and the design process must account for this specification much earlier during the creative design phase. With VDP, a brochure may be designed that includes specific names, places, or ideas that differ from brochure to brochure. For branding purposes, it would make sense to create a marketing piece that echoes a brand’s voice. Yet, with VDP, it’s possible to modify the copy and even images within a brochure that could be individualized for a very specific group. 
An example of variable data printing would be for an acquisition campaign. Let’s say there is a non-profit organization campaigning for donations from existing donors. The campaign might include a brochure that explains the campaign goals, yet contains the customer’s name and any other pertinent information that personalizes the message which may help conversion rates. Such information could be different donation amounts based on the donor’s donation amount history, different brochure copy, and even different imagery within the brochure.

Brochures Are A Must For Trade Show Conferences

Trade shows and conferences rely on personal networking and one-on-one interactions. Next to your business card, a well-designed brochure is your next best bet for connecting with potential clients. In these types of settings, brochures are your work-horse for explaining who you are, what you do, and how you can positively impact a potential client. An attractive brochure lends an air of success to your brand and can make a nice first impression.
If you need help with brochure design, contact Rock Star Marketing’s Media Division. Our media division has 20+years of experience having worked in the commercial printing industry. We have the creative design sense and print background experience to collaborate with you on your next brochure. ■

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