The Importance of Visual Consistency for Online and Print Media

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Be Consistent with your Logo for Online and Print Media

Visual consistency with your marketing materials is important when you are spreading your message online. This consistency helps keep your business’ top-of-mind awareness on point with your clients and/or anyone who may encounter you for the very first time. Whether it is digital for social media, or ink on paper for print media, consistency in your visual brand counts!

One of the easiest ways to be consistent is to include your company or brand logo in your messaging. If you have a social media presence as well as print media collateral, make sure your logo is well represented. Here are some specifics to take into consideration given the application of your logo onto different collateral. 

Consistent Logo Scale and Proportions

In my years and experience working in commercial printing as a graphic designer and in digital prepress, I’ve seen logos presented that were not consistently reproduced across different marketing pieces. From business cards to flyers and brochures, I’ve seen logos squeezed, squished, and stretched! Remember to keep your logo’s original design proportions intact. This keep its look not only consistent and recognizable but also professional looking.

Here are examples of our Rock Star Marketing logo with correct proportions and incorrect proportions. Learn to spot this with your logo in your marketing materials, hopefully before you go to print! Remember to keep it simple when applying your visual imagery online. We recommend sticking with one logo and one icon to best maintain visual consistency for online and print media.

Logo with correct proportions
Logo squeezed inward
Logo squeezed inward
Logo squeezed top to bottom or stretched out lengthwise
Logo squeezed top to bottom

Logo Icons for Social Media

Not all logos are created equally. A logo that looks great in print may not fare as well online and vice versa. At times, it pays to have a squarely proportioned logo icon based on your standard logo. This helps to better fit with social media platforms, such as with avatar images and social media icons. These images and icons are typically square or circular shaped. We want our branding to clearly and consistently appear clean, fitted, and intentional in the mediums in which they are featured.

Below are examples of our company logo and its complimentary logo icon. We use both of these consistently online and where appropriate. Notice how the logo icon scales best for square or circular dimensions such as for profile pictures. Our full company logo is horizontal, so it fits best within landscape formats, such as wider cover photos. These wider formats are the norm for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The last thing you want is for your logo to be only partially shown, cut off. If people can’t even fully see your logo, then it’s already failing. Below are examples of where we use our logo icon on social media.

Rock Star Marketing on Facebook
Rock Star Marketing on Instagram
Rock Star Marketing on LinkedIn
Rock Star Marketing on Twitter

Keeping Visual Consistency for Print in Check

pantone guide
Checking the colors of our handout brochure against a Pantone Matching System (PMS) Guide

The same principles regarding digital consistency can be applied to print. In print, you would still check to make sure your logo looks correctly proportioned at any scale. But because print involves so many more moving parts, there is more to understand about the print medium.

Print campaigns can range anywhere from newsprint ads and postcards and letters to business cards and brochures. For professional results, I always recommend working directly with a commercial printer. A few key items to keep in mind when working in print:

  • Check your logo on any print project for accurate proportions.
  • Understand when it is best to use your full size logo icon versus the logo icon. A graphic designer can help with this.
  • Ask your printer about printing with Spot Colors versus Process Colors, and if your project should be printed using one or the other or a combination of the two.
  • Use the highest quality version of your logo for the best and most visually consistent results. If you’re not sure, a graphic designer can assist with this.
  • If you’re making business cards, inquire if you should make business card masters. Business card masters are pre-printed in a format where there are 4-up or 10-up cards on a sheet. These can then be imprinted upon as you need to order more cards. This is especially helpful if you are a larger company and have several employees. This can save set-up costs and time. It may even improve turnaround times when re-ordering more cards.

A Consistent Approach with Rock Star Marketing

Having a constant online presence is great. In fact, it’s a necessity in today’s business world. Keeping your visual look consistent across digital and print media plays an important role in delivering your message. If you would like assistance with any of your online or print media presence, we are here to help. Our Rock Star Marketing Media Division is here to help expand your client base, drive web traffic to your business, find your ideal clients, and gain more loyalty among your Tribe. 

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