Using Memes To Entertain Your Audience And Get Attention

Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

People like to be entertained and memes offer a way of doing just that. 

Internet memes are online images typically made up of text placed on top of a photograph. The nature of these memes is usually humorous and meant as a way to engage people. While memes can be funny, they can range anywhere from sad, serious, political, or edgy. Memes have become quite popular as a way for people or businesses to get people’s attention.  

Internet Memes Work By Entertaining And Engaging Audiences

Memes are typically shared online on social media platforms. When a meme gets shared a lot online and is viewed many times, it can go viral. This means it spreads well beyond its original online posting. As the meme gains momentum, more and more people share and reshare the meme on a large scale.

While memes could be used to simply tell jokes or poke at certain issues, they could also be used to promote an individual, business, or concept. Such memes may attract a certain online demographic, helping to attract the attention of like-minded groups. This, in turn, may lead to discovering new friends online, gaining more followers, or possibly an online conversion. Through these chain of events, it then becomes possible for an individual or a business to communicate their ideas, products, or services in a non-aggressive, lighthearted, and amusing way.

Memes Can Be Easily Be Created Online

Thanks to powerful personal computers, smart devices, and internet connectivity, meme creation is as easy as finding an online meme generator! Here is a link to the website is an online service that has current, trending images and a text generator that anyone can use to make a meme. The service provides graphics, an image generator that is fast with lots of customization features, and that is still easy to use. Below are screen captures I made just as an example. Creating the meme shown here took less than a minute! A Google search for “meme generators” will yield even more meme generation websites.

online meme generator

Rock Star Marketing Can Create Your Custom Meme

As easy as they are to make, memes still require time to plan out. At Rock Star Marketing, our Media Division can not only create these types of memes but also tailor the imagery, fonts, and presentation so they include personal or business-specific branding. Imagine your very own memes customized with your artwork or logo in a clean, professional way that is designed to showcase you in the best light.

When you have an idea for the perfect meme but need assistance in its execution, please consider using Rock Star Marketing’s Media Division. We’ll work with you to help create your meme to help promote your message or service. We can be reached by phone at 831-324-0816 or you may schedule a consultation by clicking the button below.

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