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Our Clients

Throughout the years, Rock Star Marketing, based in Monterey, CA, has provided marketing services for a variety of clients across the globe. As a result of our marketing services, our clients reach more customers and grow. At Rock Star Marketing, our clients come first, and we take this very seriously. Our motto is to make a promise and then over-deliver.

As a digital marketing agency, it’s our business to know how to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. We’ve made it our mission that Rock Star Marketing is known as the best digital marketing agency on the Monterey Peninsula and even beyond. We accomplish our goal by providing the best, most responsive customer service. We also go that extra mile to dive in and get to know all we can about the unique qualities of our clients’ businesses and personalities. It’s those unique qualities that we use to tell our clients’ stories to the world fascinatingly and engagingly.

At Rock Star Marketing, we’re proud to say that our clients are part of our tribe, and they love the results they’ve experienced with our digital marketing agency. Some of our clients include:

  • A+ Japanese Auto Repair
  • ACT Group 
  • American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission 
  • Antero Automotive 
  • AutoPro Auto Service 
  • Autotrend Diagnostics 
  • Blue Skies Exploration Academy
  • Broadly
  • Brown Motor Works NE
  • Cars 2nd Chance
  • CARSTAR Robert’s Collision & Repair 
  • Complete Automotive 
  • Convoy Auto Repair
  • Cyclebar Carmel Rancho
  • D&K Automotive Repair 
  • Ernie’s Inc.
  • Family Auto Service
  • Guaranteed Automotive & Transmission 
  • Henderson’s Line-Up
  • Holon Studios
  • I-70 Auto Service 
  • Import Auto Specialists
  • J. McFarland Wines 
  • Just Leaks Commercial Roofing 
  • Kukui
  • Lighthouse Family Dentistry 
  • Mancinelli’s Auto Repair Center 
  • Mast Service Center 
  • Mercedes Service of Silicon Valley
  • Morgan Hill Unified School District
  • Nona’s Auto Center
  • Nordgren Automotive 
  • Orinda Motors 
  • Pals Ocala Auto Repair
  • Point Chiropractic
  • Premier Auto Service of SW Florida
  • The Auto Experts 
  • Yorba Linda Auto Service 

If you’re interested in becoming one of our treasured clients, we invite you to contact Rock Star Marketing today. Request a free Discovery Session to discuss your marketing needs.

 Rock Star Marketing is here to help you find your tribe.