Our Rock Star Squad

Rock Star Marketing is unlike any other digital marketing agency in Monterey, CA, the United States, and even abroad — we infuse the essence of your business in the content we create, whether it is SEO content, blogs, social media marketing, graphic design, or video ads. Here are the marketing strategists that make up our Rock Star squad:

Jennifer Filzen

Grammy-Qualified Rock Star
Social Media Maven
Inspirational Instructor

Superpower: “Social Butterfly”

Jessie Smith

Social Media and Blog Manager
Jen’s Right Arm
Student at Santa Clara University Law School

Superpower: “Just Right Jessie”

Christopher Hooker

Author and Screenwriter
Gameplayer and Designer
Writer and Foodie
Superpower: “Uncanny Organization”

Rene Arreola

Graphic Design and Digital Media
Print and Graphic Design Veteran
Artist + Illustrator.

Superpower: “Design + Draw + Dance”

Everyone has a unique story.
Rock Star Marketing
is here to help tell yours.