Price Guide

Based in Monterey, CA, Rock Star Marketing specializes in social media marketing, SEO content, blogs, graphic design, and videos. We aren’t your typical digital marketing agency or marketing strategists though; — we combine heart and science to tell your story in a way that appeals to the metrics and to your audience.

Rock Star Marketing is the go-to digital marketing agency for SEO companies and various businesses throughout the Monterey Bay area and beyond. For a reasonable price, we will customize, bend, and mold our telemarketing, brand management, and online marketing services to fit your business needs. If you are interested in our price guide for marketing services, keep reading, as we offer several packages including:

  • Social Media Optimization + Monthly Blog Package (Includes 1 monthly blog article, plus two posts per week on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.) – starting at $450.00 per month.
  • Most SEO content projects are completed on a flat rate basis between $1500 – $4500, based on the number of pages we write for you. Contact us to discuss your particular project, and we’ll give you an estimated price.
  • Graphic Design – starting at $100.00 per hour.
  • At our Monterey-based digital marketing agency, we are open to discussing various special projects which may include:
  • Search Engine Optimized Content training
  • Social Media Marketing training
  • Customer surveys and reviews
  • Scriptwriting for radio ads, videos, and phone recordings
  • Animated video creation
  • Training
  • General marketing projects
  • Newspaper ads
  • Facebook ads

Attention SEO Companies and Website Agencies: Contact us directly to discuss our wholesale rates. Rock Star Marketing partners with select SEO companies and Website Agencies to create SEO content for your clients and manage their Social Media Marketing, as well.

Make Rock Star Marketing your go-to digital marketing agency. Based in Monterey, California, Rock Star Marketing is proud to serve clients located on the Monterey Peninsula, across the United States, and other English-speaking markets across the globe! Request a free Discovery Session to discuss your marketing needs.

Rock Star Marketing is here to serve.