is social media marketing worth it

As a small business with a limited budget, we have to be careful about the type of marketing we invest in. When social media marketing is done well, it can be worth its weight in gold, helping you get the most out of your investment. As one of the most cost effective and flexible marketing strategies out there, over time, small businesses can target their ideal Tribe and get the word out, which is why over 95% of marketers use social media to get their message out. Social media marketing has great power to convert new clients if you are strategic about it. Which is why we put together this list of reasons you should be marketing through social media networks for your business.

Your Clients are on Social Media

Did you know that over 70% of the population in the United States is using social media? What a fantastic opportunity to get your name out and in front of your target audience.

This is one of the main reasons that social media marketing is so effective. Your Tribe is certain to be on social media, so go to where your customers are, don’t make them come to you!

Fun = Open to Your Message

Social media is a fun place to network, which is why your ideal customer is more receptive to your message on this platform. Your client is already connecting with their friends and families on social media, and so are less likely to be guarded, and therefore open to your messages. More and more customers are likely to follow your campaign and interact with you online to get to know you on a personal level.

Brand Recognition

Social media marketing increases brand recognition because you are more visible and therefore more likely to be seen and recognized. When you target your ideal audience, you are presenting your brand, getting your message out in front of your Tribe. In this way, you then become more recognizable and familiar, which leads to new customers and a higher return of existing customers as well.

Increased Website Traffic

It is as simple as this: When someone sees you on social media and clicks the link to your website, you gain traffic to your destination. Combined with your search engine optimizations, your opportunity to attract your tribe is increased. Consistently posting quality content onto your channels is so important for this reason. The more engaged your tribe is on your social media channels, the more opportunities you have to lead them back to your website, and convert them into customers.

Different Channels Reach Different Audiences

Social media channels are each designed for target audiences. By engaging your tribe on specific channels, you are able to hone into your ideal demographic. For this reason, social media marketing is ideal, because you are able to choose your age, interests, hobbies, location, gender and target them specifically. The more you reach out to your target audience, the more likely you are able to get traffic to your website.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to target your ideal audience by choosing age, location, and many more options to attract your tribe and get your brand out in front of  your best possible customer which help to optimize your outcome.

Social Media Marketing is Cost Effective

Without losing effectiveness, you are able to cut marketing costs by focusing your energy on social media marketing. It only takes a few hours per day to increase traffic to your website using social media marketing and is proven to be up to three times less expensive than other marketing campaigns.

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