Reasons to Lean Into Your Marketing during an Economic Downturn

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Uncertain times cause a rippling effect throughout industries of all types. Within the automotive industry, two things primarily occur: 

  1. Struggling shops close their doors, leaving their customers without a repair shop.
  2. Experienced, certified technicians are suddenly looking for new jobs.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Well, by ensuring your name and company are well represented, you will be more likely to attract these new customers and technicians. While everyone is at home, they are frequently on social media platforms and reading their emails; the time is now to take action, recruit, and attract new customers and employees. We are in a unique time in our history, and as the saying goes, life is about the journey, not the destination. So, let’s band together and keep growing.

Here’s how: Reassure your customers.

Reach out to your current customers, reassuring them that you are maintaining safe and sanitary conditions. Make sure they know that you are willing to help with pick up and delivery of their vehicle. Give them something to feel good about, supporting local businesses is an excellent one.

Offer additional services.

Get the word out to potential customers that you are dedicated to their safety and care about their needs too. There is peace of mind knowing your car is serviced, topped off, and safe to drive when times are so uncertain. Offering to swing by the gas station for them is an added service your customers might value and provide them one more reason to call and schedule in with you. If you intend to continue to thrive, you want to focus on your outreach strategy now, while everyone’s attention is online.

Join forces with neighboring businesses.

Is there another business nearby you can team up with to offer additional services? Is there a corner grocer, laundry service, coffee shop, or restaurant that is offering take-out? Perhaps you can leave their purchase from the neighboring business in the car upon drop off. 

How to grow your business in these unstable times, and why. 

If you are sincere about maintaining the health of your company, now is the time to capitalize on this unique opportunity to put yourself out there on the front line by being proactive. Think about bundling other services from neighboring businesses, helping to support each other. This has the added bonus of offering additional outreach to a client base that you wouldn’t usually have interacted with. Our neighbors are banding together, showing your dedication to your neighborhood is one more feather in your cap that will have lasting effects. Who knows? Perhaps that business you team up with also has an online presence, and your joined efforts to support each other will expand into new opportunities and outreach.

Keep the spotlight on your business.

Posting a joke here and there on social media gives lighthearted relief from the constant fear and doom and gloom that we are all inundated with. Better yet, make fun videos with your team while you’re at work so everyone can see your culture. This alone can hook current and future customers giving an underlying sense of loyalty. Eventually, your potential customer will be looking for a new place to bring their car. Imagine friends or neighbors who just closed the doors of their reputable shop that are now looking for work; you want your business name to come up, so keep up with your online presence to keep the inflow of work and potential employees coming through your door. By giving this warm feeling to the people in your neighborhood and the surrounding area, it will be your business name that comes to mind, driving ideal new customers and potential employees to you.

Stay at the forefront of social media and Google searches.

If you want to increase your chances of attracting these new customers and ideal employees, consider reassigning your marketing budget. If you were hosting a dog-adoption event or attending a networking event that got canceled, take those funds allocated to reinvest in new SEO pages that will help boost your organic rankings on Google. Your customer base is mainly working from home now. Focus on these customers, reach out to them by creating a trickle email campaign with links to your Facebook page and website.

Extra mile = Extra dollars.

Let your customers know that you are willing to help them with pick up and delivery of their vehicle. In the next email, offer to fill up their gas tank upon delivery as an added service. Talk with your neighboring business to see about partnering with them. How about offering phone-in ordering and pick-up, when you deliver their vehicle, their order will be in the car waiting? Promote each other, and you will rise together.

Watch this meditation video I made for you.

Admittedly, this is a scary time for everyone, especially if you are a small business. If you can weather this storm, your business will be stronger and healthier when it is all over. I invite you to take the bull by the horns, invest in your online marketing, and grow your Tribe. 

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Keep your foot on that gas pedal, my friends. Together, we can do this! ■

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