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There is a lot of noise in the online space, and at times it seems as if your brand can get lost in it all. It’s essential to consider the use of video imagery in your branding to rise above the noise and stay relevant. With the rapid advances in cell phone technology and similar smart devices that are equipped with video cameras, there’s almost no reason why creating personalized video content shouldn’t be the norm. Rock Star Marketing’s Media Division specializes in creating bite-sized video content perfect for online viewing and branding purposes.


One of the ways Rock Star Marketing’s Media Division can help tell your story online is through video marketing. Our Media Division can edit video, adding motion graphics along with text, and incorporating audio into a cohesive message. Our videos tend to focus on telling your story, helping to expand your brand!

Strategizing to include video content in your online presence can assist in your marketing efforts in several ways. Videos that are branded with your story can:

  • Help drive more visitors to your website
  • Build your brand awareness
  • Create and increase engagement with your brand
  • Deliver timely and specific messages that are more clearly conveyed in person (via video) instead of in written fashion


    Shooting, editing, and sharing videos online to help promote your brand can be as easy as you videoing yourself with your phone. From there, you can either upload it directly to your social media platforms of choice. When we edit and create videos, we use any number of resources to help craft the perfect visual message. We can work with videos and photos supplied by you, or we may utilize media from stock video/photo sites. If you are not that tech-savvy or lack the time, we’re more than happy to discuss your ideas and work with you to create the perfect video content to help tell your story online.

Below are examples of some of the types of videos we edited and used for online branding. Click here to see more videos we’ve created for our clients.

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