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Virtual Rock Star Summit
May 10-14, 2021

This is a weeklong FREE online conference that only takes up one hour per day.

The idea behind the Summit is to build community, change your self-limiting beliefs, share ideas and tools to strengthen your customer service experience, build stronger connections, learn how to create an unforgettable brand, and turn your customers into raving fans.


This event is FREE! Please register with your email to attend.

if you are unable to attend the online presentations, registrants get access to all of the recordings for the week.



Monday // May 10, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Melanie Clark

How to Reset Your Money Thermostat to Attract More Money!

Learn why you keep getting the same financial results no matter how hard you work.

  • Learn what new behaviors you must adopt to become a match to more money.
  • Learn how to rewrite your money story today.

Melanie Clark is a dental practice consultant, a Certified Life Coach, professional speaker, and has her own paid Podcast on the Black Love Network with her husband, Anthony Clark. Together, they are the Amazing Clarks! Together, they are Law of Attraction Life & Love Coaches.


Tuesday // May 11, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Patrick Dolder

How to Track Your Marketing ROI

How To Be Sure Your Marketing Is Making You Money!

  • Learn how to track your marketing expenses in a spreadsheet.
  • Learn what metrics accurately measure your marketing efforts.
  • Learn how to take the guesswork out of your conversion rates.
  • We will use samples of Kukui ad word reports, screen shots of my dashboard with Kukui, our custom marketing reports that we created from Protractor and the video reports from Facebook.

Patrick Dolder is the owner of PALS Ocala Auto Repair in Ocala, Florida. Patrick comes from a dealership and sales background. His auto repair shop is one of the top performers in Florida and he has created a system that tracks his marketing efforts to prove what works best. Be prepared to discover new ways to convert more clients.


Wednesday // May 12, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Vania Clark-Butler

Automating Success In Your Business Beyond Email Marketing

Learn modern business automation strategies that go beyond simple email marketing. What else can small businesses automate to save money, save time, and make more money? In this talk, you’ll learn high-level automation strategies and how to apply them to your business.

Vania Butler is a leadership and management expert, a marketing and business automation consultant, and an EMyth trained business coach. Her passion is helping owners set up self-sufficient businesses that run efficiently. Besides running her own businesses, Vania is also the COO of Chiropractic Hands & Foot Clinics of America, the head of the Industry Rockstar Automation Division, and serves on the advisory boards of M3 Life Sciences and Core Global. She is a powerful combination of coach, consultant, mentor, and trainer with tons of experience who doesn’t mind rolling up her sleeves and digging in.

Thursday // May 13, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Jennifer Filzen

Video Marketing and How To Build Your Content Library

I’ll be teaching a class about Video Marketing and How To Build Your Content Library. I’ll share all the secrets around what to say, how to edit your videos, and I’ll even provide a checklist so you have everything in place to start shooting video. Please, join me for some great content you can use right away.

Jennifer Filzen is the GRAMMY-Qualified Rock Star who founded Rock Star Marketing and is the author of The Give To Get Principle. She believes that storytelling is the best marketing, especially when you share what makes you special and unique.


Friday // May 14, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Maruxa Murphy

How to Build a Profitable and Engaged Facebook Group Community

Learn the many ways an engaged online community can help grow your business. Find ways to grow & monetize your online groups. Explore how to build an engaged community of raving fans.

Maruxa Murphy is the “The Community Maven” and known to turn online communities into 6- and 7-figure revenue streams. She is the Community Architect and Instigator for 100s of changemaker communities in a way that blends the good of people, purpose, and profit into one another. Maruxa is on the advisory teams for non-profits, start-ups, impact, and changemaker communities and organizations to grow their experiences and build the long and short-term culture builds. She’s helped dozens of brands turn their communities from flailing to fierce from just a few months and onward.

This event is FREE! Please register with your email to attend.

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