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Learn how to help your business stay on top, regardless of what is changing in the economy. 

Virtual Rock Star Summit
August 2 - 6, 2021

This is a FREE week-long online conference that only takes up one hour per day.

The idea behind the Summit is to build community, upgrade your mindset, share ideas to strengthen your customer service experience, build stronger connections, learn how to create a memorable brand, and turn your customers into raving fans.


This event is FREE! Please register with your email to attend.

if you are unable to attend the online presentations, registrants get access to all of the recordings for the week.


Karen Cornwell Rock Star Marketing Virtual Summit

Monday // August 2, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Karen Cornwell

Karen Cornwell Rock Star Marketing Virtual Summit

Gendered Mindsets – Unlocking What You Can’t See

Gain an understanding of your mindset while we explore common workplace activities like problem solving, information exchange, how you bond, and take risks. Understanding the spectrum of gender dichotomies that allows you to see different ways of approaching and interpreting others’ perspectives. With this framework, you will discover that you can leverage these gender differences to foster innovation, growth, and engagement on your teams. Come find out how!

Karen Cornwell spent her career in Tech in Silicon Valley. From designing nuclear power plants, to helping semiconductor chip manufacturers create new services; she’s often been the only women in the room. She has lived it, learned from it, and wants to shift business culture to be more gender savvy. To do this we must learn to leverage our gender diversity.

David Kusa Rock Star Marketing Virtual Summit

Tuesday // August 3, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

David Kusa

David Kusa Rock Star Marketing Virtual Summit

The Value of Joining Your State's Industry Association

Dave will be talking about his involvement with ASCCA and the value of joining your state’s industry association. He’ll also share a short presentation about vehicle donation to ASCEF, the Automotive Service Council’s Education Foundation, which provides scholarships and financial assistance to students wishing to develop a career in the automotive field.

David Kusa is the owner of AutoTrend Diagnostics in Campbell, CA. Dave is a Past President of the Automotive Service Council of California (ASCCA) and currently serves as a board member and chapter representative. He has also helped several new shops become ASCCA members. Dave advocates with local legislators on behalf of small businesses and their employees. He contributes to TeamTalk and is a huge resource for members.

Sara Fraser Rock Star Marketing Virtual Summit

Wednesday // August 4, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Sara Fraser

Sara Fraser Rock Star Marketing Virtual Summit

What I Want From an Auto Repair Shop – A Millennial's Perspective

Sara Fraser is a Millennial who has been in the automotive industry for over 8 years. During this class, she will talk about the experience, services, and interaction that she is looking for when it comes to an automotive repair shop!

From the phone call — I mean text message — to the online experience, in-shop experience, services and more, Sara will tell you exactly what it is that she, a 35-year-old female, is looking for from an automotive repair shop. Sara will also cover some things that she is not looking for or that would turn her away from doing business with an automotive repair shop. Millennials and the younger generation Gen Z are doing business differently and have developed their own criteria on who they are willing or not willing to do business with. 

Sara Fraser is a millennial who has a love for life, travel, and connecting with other humans!  She has over 15 years of retail and management experience, 6 of them as an office manager for a used car sales and service center.  To bring her customer service, marketing, and business knowledge to the automotive industry she joined the team at Haas Performance Consulting in 2018.  Sara loves helping others grow and succeed and is excited to share her expertise on management and social media, her views on how and why the younger generations think and act, and how to work and manage a business within a multi-generational workforce.  When she isn’t working Sara spends her time attending theatrical productions, music festivals, concerts, advocating for human and animal rights, celebrating life in general and connecting with other people from all over the world.

Thursday // August 5, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Angie Lopez

Managing your business through loss, heartbreaks, and mental illness! A lawyer’s story, and guide through it all.

Explore how legal matters can affect your business & life, and what to do about them. In this talk, you’ll learn high-level legal strategies and how to apply them to your business, your life, your losses, and more. Please, join me for some great content you can use right away.

Angelica Lopez Esq. : Core Values: Service, love, and humility. Creative Genius: Writing, and building genuine connections. Professional Experience: Attorney, business coach, finance, and sales. To find out more about her unique, mind blowing story, make sure to connect with her.

Friday // August 6, 2021 // 11:00 AM Pacific

Dr. Jenny Lin

The Empowering Role of Social Media in Women

Dr. Lin will be sharing her research on how the use of social media plays a role in shaping consumer behaviors and decisions, such as parental style, influence on their children’s social media use, education investment decisions, and financial involvement in the household. Other insights from the use of social media for empowering women in social issues are discussed.

Dr. Jenny Lin is an associate professor of marketing at CSUMB and teaches in the undergraduate business program and in the MBA program. Her research on the effects of advertising and social media on consumers has won several best paper awards. She has published over 60 papers, including journals, conference papers and book chapters.

This event is FREE! Please register with your email to attend.